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Into the Driver's Seat
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Scooped by Jim Lerman!

iPad Media Camp ~ Wesley Freyer

iPad Media Camp ~ Wesley Freyer | Into the Driver's Seat |

Freyer has presented his 3-day workshop on producing media with an iPad on numerous occasions. Complete directions and videos and resources are offered here for anyone to teach themselves. Learn how to do:


-Screencasting and Narrated SlideShows

-Quick Edit Videography

-Interactive Writing and eBooks


...all on an iPad.

Jim Lerman's insight:

A great aid for anyone wishing to learn these important functions. Kudos to Freyer for sharing so generously.

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Rescooped by Jim Lerman from Active learning in Higher Education!

Visual Recording on the iPad

A brief overview of how to use the iPad for visual recording/notetaking. Includes things to consider when doing this; how this is different from traditional ...

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