Free Technology for Teachers: Why I Occasionally Use Box Instead of Google Drive | Into the Driver's Seat |

by Richard Byrne


"Yesterday, after posting A Complete Guide to Using Blogger In School I received a couple of questions about why I am hosting it on instead of Google Drive or Scribd as I have done with some guides in the past.

"There are a couple of reasons why I'm not hosting it on Google Drive. First, the document viewer looks and functions much better than Google Drive does when it comes to large PDFs. In fact, A Complete Guide to Using Blogger In Schoolis a such a large file that Google Drive won't display a preview of it, it just displays a download link. The other reason that I chose to use Box is that Box will email me a weekly update about the usage of my shared files. I can also log-in whenever I want to see the current usage statistics about my shared files. 

"I'm not hosting A Complete Guide to Using Blogger In School on Scribd because I've learned that a lot of schools block Scribd."