BOOC: Big Open Online Courses at Indiana University created by Daniel Hickey. Educational Assessment Practice Principles and Policies | Into the Driver's Seat |



"Google has funded an associate professor in the Indiana University School of Education to develop a "Big Open Online Course," or BOOC. Daniel Hickey will offer a free course in September focused on educators and titled "Assessment Practices, Principles and Policies" for as many as 500 students, funded by a $50,000 Google grant.

"Hickey intends for this BOOC to offer most of the advantages of a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, but with more interaction, while taking advantage of Google's new Coursebuilder course management system. "Google wants to know whether interactive online practices that are working well with 20 students can be scaled up," Hickey said.


"Students who complete the BOOC will learn the practical skills needed to improve classroom student assessments while exploring assessment principles and new accountability policies. These topics are becoming more important to educators as states introduce new curriculum standards and achievement tests, while at the same time beginning to evaluate teachers according to short-term gains on those tests. Students who wish to take the course for graduate-level credit will be able to do so by completing additional course requirements, including a term paper based on the weekly assignments".