Content Curation: Definition and History | Futurism, Ideas, Leadership in Business |

This very helpful piece by Gianluca Fiorelli on 'I Love SEO' give us a brief history of Content Curation and re-affirms some things that many of us already know.


He quotes from Rohit Bhargava’s Content Curation Manifesto and summarizes Bhargava’s 5 models of Content Curation (note that these are hyperlinks!) and ends with his own hints on curation, summarized as Finding the best Content, Adding Value and Crediting.


“The future of the social web will be driven by … Content Curators, who take it upon themselves to collect and share the best content online for others to consume and take on the role of citizen editors, publishing highly valuable compilations of content created by others. In time, these curators will bring more utility and order to the social web. In doing so, they will help to add a voice and point of view to organizations and companies that can connect them with customers….” Rohit Bhargava

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