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7 Ways Content Curation Can Wow Your Audience

7 Ways Content Curation Can Wow Your Audience | Internet Presence |

When Rand Fishkin joked that everyone is caught in the middle of a content arms race, we knew that he wasn’t kidding. You and I both know the power of custom content, but do you realize the power behind boosting the volume of information shared so that it potentially reaches all four corners of the Internet?

Everyone can’t seem to create custom, high quality content fast enough, but what most people don’t realize is that you CAN gain a competitive edge by expanding your content marketing offering.  And that is exactly what content curation does.

In short, what content curation does is leverage on the power of other people’s content, then put it in the context of your brand while populating the virtual world with resources that points to you as an industry leader.

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Thorough and clear explanation of what Content Curation is all about.

Ally Greer's curator insight, December 6, 2013 1:21 PM

Some great tips for content curation.

Lori Wilk's curator insight, December 6, 2013 2:18 PM

Content curation makes it easier and faster to get more content out to your audience than trying to write it all. You can do in seconds what would take you hours to make yourself and have high-quality content to share with your audience.

Web-Services's curator insight, January 4, 6:32 AM

la curación de contenidos es imprescindible con los cambios de algoritmo de google

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Creating your own website is challenging. There is too much information, and a lot of it changes rapidly. Tools, articles, information for feeling more comfortable with your own website. @MarcKneepkens
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The 15 Best Twitter Tips to Get More Followers! [Infographic]

The 15 Best Twitter Tips to Get More Followers!  [Infographic] | Internet Presence |

Whether you're new to Twitter or a seasoned vet, chances are you'd welcome new followers. Gaining followers can be easy for some but very challenging for most people. Some people on Twitter seem to attract followers like a moth to a candle flame but for most of us getting new followers seems like hard work.

Click on the image to see the infographic.

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50 Surprising Tips for Getting Attention in Mass Media | Jeff Bullas

50 Surprising Tips for Getting Attention in Mass Media | Jeff Bullas | Internet Presence |

Have we been so distracted by social media that we have forgotten “the media” in our marketing efforts?

Ranking on the web helps grow awareness and attracts eventual sales. Great services and products

supply solutions for consumers, but getting free attention in a national newspaper, a magazine and mass media can be a very effective marketing tactic.

Press outreach and mass media attention is often a problem for many businesses.

Below, you’ll find a long list of solutions to help you establish, improve, and solidify your outreach capabilities.

The pursuit of sales will never cease, but ensure media attention is never a problem. Here are some tips for getting attention in mass media.

  1. Be the purple cow. If you’re not different, there’s no reason for editors and publications to cover you.
  2. National coverage is great but hard to get.  Align a story with local or regional news, events, or concerns.
  3. Identify quirky components of your company (logo), CEO (hobby), or company culture (You don’t work on Fridays).
  4. Maintain an excel sheet of sites pitched and reporter contact information.  Keep notes and dates (so you don’t re-pitch!)
  5. Find reporters on Twitter and use AllMyTweets to identify topics they like, dislike, etc.
  6. Research prior works of individual reporters, not just topics reported.
  7. Use this tool to find any person’s email.
  8. Read reporters’ articles, blogs, and tweets.  Mention their work and create a greater sense of context and logic regarding the reason for initial contact.
  9. Do not use reporters’ personal emails unless indicated it is preferred.
  10. Comment on reporters’ posts and personal blogs.
  11. Use visual platforms like Pinterest and Google Plus to find information related to hobbies, trips, pets, favorite locations, etc.
  12. Hire a content writer or PR person to write your outreach emails.  Emotional intelligence is a skill set!
  13. As with writing great post titles, spend time on the subject line of the email.  You want them to be excited to open it.
  14. Don’t include attachments; cut and paste material in the email itself.
  15. Set Google Alerts for key terms, so you can stay informed about stories the reporters think are important.
  16. Set Alerts for names of editors and reporters too to see what they’re writing about (Share their work too!)
  17. Spend time on your email signature; editors and reporters want information coming from authority sources.
  18. Be ready for phone contact; some rather ask directly than email back and forth.  Indicate you are available for phone contact.
  19. Be humble and genuine; admit what you don’t know rather than fake it.  Reporters keep ongoing contact lists, but if you waste their time, you’ll never get a chance with them (or their outlet) again.
  20. You’re supplying information but editors are well aware of the benefit of news coverage.  Thank them for their time and for (even) considering your input.
  21. Send a follow-up thanks.  Use a funny graphic of something they will appreciate (since you used AllMyTweets, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc, to see what they like) to be ‘purple.’
  22. Don’t play politician and satisfy all sides of a story.  Have a strong and passionate opinion – stick to it.
  23. It’s not a one-night stand.  Reporters contact the same people.  (How many (New York) times has Danny Sullivan contributed to major stories?)
  24. DO NOT USE TEMPLATES.  Work with your outreach team to create a successful email formula, but ensure the email to each editor/reporter is unique.  Reporters sniff-out templates.
  25. Interested reporters may do homework on you.  Update your ‘about’ page and social media profiles to reflect the expertise they’re looking for – But remember to be genuine!
  26. Provide multiple opportunities for contact – include work email, cell phone, business phone, Skype, Twitter handle, etc.
  27. To build social authority, take screenshots when people compliment posts, your company, or your personality, and insert on your ‘about’ page, business’ homepage, etc.
  28. Be active in forums and industry-specific question-and-answer platforms.  It adds ‘tangible’ evidence regarding your expertise and helpful nature.
  29. Create Twitter lists of editors and reporters and stay informed of their interests regarding developing news and stories.
  30. Subscribe to HARO and Profnet, platforms where reporters actively seek help.
  31. Don’t get creepy, liking reporters’ family pictures on Facebook or being too friendly on social platforms.  Be personable but keep professional.
  32. Use social media ads to ‘target’ media outlets by genre, key terms, etc.  It helps reporters and editors grow aware of your company, contributions, expertise, etc.
  33. Peruse news sites, looking for broken links, awkward plug-ins, etc.  Provide technical help or refer them to someone who can.
  34. Create an ongoing folder of stats.  At times, reporters can’t use quotes or direct information yet need stat graphics to supplement articles. (You’ll still get credit!)
  35. Conduct industry surveys, becoming a mini reporter.  You’ll have more information to offer major publications and reporters.
  36. Getting one’s first major dose of coverage is like making your first million; it’s the hardest.  Create a ‘Media’ section on your website, showing reporters you’ve ‘done this before.’
  37. Create a separate online page, featuring your resume, mentioning previous speaking engagements, awards, and so on.
  38. When used for a story or article, become a marketer for them.  Help spread the news!
  39. Later, when writing internal posts or guest posts, link to the reporter’s story, building links to the site and story.  The added marketing effort will be appreciated.
  40. Don’t tell Cutts, but guest blogging is a great way to show reporters you’re a ‘giver,’ offering insight on digital properties of others.
  41. Be a great assistant; maybe you can’t help with a particular story, but you may know a friend who can.  Reporters will remember your help (and it’s likely your friend will think you’re swell too!)
  42. Regularly link to journalists’ stories in your businesses posts, maintaining indirect relationships and expressing interest in their craft.
  43. When appropriate, mention previous coverage from news sources in the initial email.  As mentioned, reporters want ‘seasoned’ contributors.
  44. Handwrite a ‘thank you’ card and mail it to the reporter.  In the ‘digital’ age, snail mail is ‘purple,’ and usually requires more time and effort.
  45. Mention the reporter’s ‘audience,’ and how your information will help deliver valuable news.
  46. Be unique but not off topic.  Don’t use obscure or outlandish information to seem interesting.  If it’s too far out there, you’ll appear strange rather than intriguing.
  47. Don’t sound like a press release that sucks. Some are so boring, with a ‘look how great we are’ sentiment.  EVERY company wants press but not all know how to intrigue the masses.
  48. Be a giver and not (just) a taker.
  49. Have a professional writer edit emails, checking for grammatical errors and awkward phrases.  Reporters are not English teachers, but they make a living reporting (often writing) the news.  Expect them to notice your errors.
  50. Be who you say you are and do what you say you’ll do.

Author Bio: Mr. Secore enjoys others calling him “Mr.,” but loves helping other entrepreneurs get started on the right footing even more and ypiu will find him hanging out at Reviewpon. If you prefer to be on first-name basis with Cam, follow his Twitter handle and engage with him online – he really enjoys that!

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Good advice from a media expert. Media will give you leverage and credibility in every aspect of your business.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, August 6, 9:58 PM

Practical starting starting for media relations for business. Useful tips, helpful hints and actionable tactics.

Tackk's curator insight, August 7, 11:30 AM

Many small tips go a long way.

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Lessons From Blog Posts That Went Viral

Lessons From Blog Posts That Went Viral | Internet Presence |

Do you know that a single viral blog post can make your website a hot property and create buzz around your personal or business brand very quickly.

So what makes a post go viral?

Let’s dissect some recent posts that captured readers’ attention and attracted loads of social media shares. Here a some examples and lessons from blog posts that went viral.

1. Positive content

Uplifting content gets shared more than you may believe. Practical advice that can help improve life skills is always in demand. There are countless posts that hand out tips on leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Some do it better than others and make readers care enough to share.

Related Resources from B2C
» Free Webcast: Using Data and Design to Create a Knockout Email Nurture Program

I discovered “30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself’” by Marc Chernoff first on StumbleUpon. The post has garnered over half a million likes, over 20,000 tweets and thousands of shares on other social media.

a. The enticing headline:

A post’s headline is a key viral driver. Unless it motivates readers’ enough, it won’t get clicks no matter how great your content may actually be. Negative headlines have been seen to convert better than positive titles. Readers can be skeptical of positive superlatives like ‘best’ and ‘most’, perceiving them to be cliché or an attempt at endorsement, and view negative ones like ‘worst’ or ‘never’ to be authentic and impartial. In this post, use of the negative word ‘stop’ makes readers pause and wonder if there’s something they’re doing that they shouldn’t.

b. The list

Time and again, studies and split-tests have shown that headlines containing numbered lists attract massive click-throughs.

c. Structure:

Online readers get put off by chunky paragraphs and scarce use of bold and italicized font. “30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself“’ presents 30 points in numbered list with no more than four lines under each. It’s easy to read and digest.

d. Actionable tips:

The post offers readers actionable advice that can be incorporated right away. Every tip tells you what to stop doing and what positive action to take. Some also have links to books on a similar topic for further reading.

2. Personal stories

A well-told first personal account of an experience and lessons learnt thereof adds authenticity and makes for an interesting read.

Consider a recent LinkedIn post ‘Why I won’t take your business card’ that was shared 281 times and elicited several comments and opinions (some from the top 1% of most viewed profiles on the network).

The post discusses the importance of building relationships over making an explicit sale at networking events through the lens of a marketing strategist who found herself in a similar situation.

While the honest narrative is compelling enough to encourage responses, the author ends her post by asking questions and soliciting comments. A simple “do you think……” or “I would love to hear your opinion on……” at the end of your blog post can nudge readers into leaving a comment. Even one or two comments encourage more people to comment, which in large part, can be attributed to the psychological phenomenon known as ‘social proof’, where we are influenced by and conform to others’ actions.

Another hugely shared (4,685 times on LinkedIn) post ‘Four Business Rules I Learnt in Kindergarten’ is an example of the author’s creative and playful approach to discussing a serious business topic. Attracting over 400 comments, the post struck a chord with readers for delivering simple yet valuable lessons we sometimes tend to oversee. A black and white photograph accompanying the post gives it a warm picture book feel, and really sets it apart from other LinkedIn posts.

3. Make it intriguing

Explore ways to deliver useful content without sounding like thousands of other posts doling out tips and advice on the same topic.

A great example is ‘Marriage Isn’t for You’, which not only managed 10,000+ shares on Twitter and Facebook, but also landed the writer a book deal.

Two things work for the post:

  1. The interesting headline that instantly incites curiosity. There’s also more to the headline than meets the eye (a clever move by the writer), which lifts the value of the post.
  2. A refreshing and heart-warming take on marriage. Check out the post here.

Say you’re giving financial advice to entrepreneurs. A title such as ‘Here’s Why You Can’t be the Next Millionaire’ is a more intriguing title than ‘How to be a Millionaire’, which is pretty standard stuff for blogs in your niche.

Instead of saying what you should do to set the cash registers ringing, you can explain what you may be doing now that’s keeping you from being the next millionaire. ‘A Little Mistake that Cost me $7000 a Year’ is another click-worthy title and an interesting lesson on preventing financial mistakes.

If your title is a click-magnet, make sure your content sustains the curiosity created by it. Also remember that it may not be possible to drum up a captivating, click-worthy title for every post.

4. Capitalize on the most happening news events

Readers tend to get behind blog posts surrounding buzzing news and major events they’re exposed to on news sites, in the papers and on their social media pages.

Oxfam GB timed their blog post on maternal health around the birth of Prince George, a hugely popular event that took the web by storm. The charity organization used Facebook to draw attention to their blog post and delivered the important message that every baby’s arrival into the world is a cause for celebration.

Use Google Trends, BuzzFeed, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit to stay on the pulse of trending news items. Explore possible ways of relating news stories to your niche. Lessons, opinions, potential consequences : there are many ways in which you can use viral news to grab readers’ attention and encourage shares.

Finding blog post ideas

Blog posts with useful content keep readers coming back for more. You must keep posting new content on questions people are asking, topics they’re searching for, and discussions they’re having online.

Forums and discussion boards

It continuously supply blog post ideas. You’re sure to find issues and topics that may have escaped your radar. Don’t worry about the spelling, grammar and style of forum posts, they are bound to be very casual. Focus on what people want to know about and the kind of problems to which they’re soliciting advice from fellow forum members.

Identification of forum members occurs through user names and some forums also allow guests to comment. Naturally, discussions are honest and open. This gives you a chance to really get into people’s minds and understand their needs, problems, interests, fears and lifestyles.

For a quick forum search, type: allintitle: ‘keyword’ forum. If you’re a taxidermist, you can access over 7,000 relevant results as shown below.


It is an authoritative and popular Q&A social media site that can help you zero in on winning blog post ideas. Its early adopters were technology pundits, marketing gurus and entrepreneurs. As such, the content quality and credibility of the site ranks highly.

You can type a keyword to see questions related to your topic. You can also test if potential blog topics may generate interest and response from readers by posting questions and seeing if they’re answered.

Yahoo! Answers

It is another community-powered Q&A site covering 25 categories. You will not find as high a number of intellectually curious and elite members on the site in comparison to Quora. There is, however, no dearth of opinions, musings and personal experiences, which can spark off interesting blog post ideas.

Parting tips

Here are a few more tips to make your content move and be shared.

  • Analyze blog comments for ideas
  • To increase views, link to past and future posts
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Submit to Reddit, Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon.

What about you? What content and headlines have you found to work? Look forward to your insights in the comments below.

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Don't we all want to find the secret to make your blogs go viral?

These are some good basics.

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Five Shocking Facts That Will Change Your Entire Approach to Social Media

Five Shocking Facts That Will Change Your Entire Approach to Social Media | Internet Presence |

Social media is fraught with legend, hysteria, and mass confusion. Because of its intensely personal nature, we tend to approach social media with a lot of strong feelings about its effectiveness, lack thereof, best practices, and how things should be done.

Since most of us use Facebook, we think we know how effective it will be, or what kind of posts garner the most attention and interaction. Since we have a Twitter account, we have a sense of knowledge about how it works, and what a business should do (or not do) on Twitter.

All that is great, but how much of our social media behavior is founded upon fact? I decided to dig into the data and do some research. What I’ve extracted below are five surprising data points that will have a profound effect on how you approach social media.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Brian Yanish -
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Some really interesting numbers and facts.

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How to measure your website's effectiveness with Alexa - FreeNomads

How to measure your website's effectiveness with Alexa - FreeNomads | Internet Presence | is an excellent way to get a snapshot of your website, see its global rank and compare yourself to your competition. Let's look at how to interpret this information., a subsidiary of, is an excellent way to get a quick snapshot of your website, see its global rank and compare yourself to your competition.

On the website, write the URL of your site and you will see the results.

Note: In order to get a quick overview of the websites you visit, you can install the Alexa toolbar directly in your internet browser.

The most important information on Alexa is your website’s global rank, bounce rate, daily pageviews per visitor, daily time on site and incoming links. So, what do these mean?

- See more at:

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Via Luis Costa
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You can also get Alexa's toolbar, for free. It shows the ranking of every website you access immediately. Plus other good information.

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What Is the Internet of Things? | Mashable Explains - YouTube

You've heard of smart homes and fitness trackers, but have you heard of the Internet of Things? The latest video in our Mashable Explains series takes a look...

Learn more:


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Via Gust MEES
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Great explanation. You have to see this, because it's happening, and it's the next big thing.

Gust MEES's curator insight, July 6, 12:31 AM

You've heard of smart homes and fitness trackers, but have you heard of the Internet of Things?

Learn more:

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4 Easy Tricks to Personalize Your Marketing Strategy

4 Easy Tricks to Personalize Your Marketing Strategy | Internet Presence |

As a seasoned marketer, you’re well-aware of the need to ‘reach the right audiences at the right time with the right message.’ You’ve heard this expression over and over — so we won’t belabor the point.

You already know why you need to do it. The problem is that you’re part of a small team and that there are only 24 hours in a day. Presumably (read: hopefully), you spend some of that time sleeping and having fun.

You need an arsenal of high-impact tactics — stuff that’s creative, easy to implement, and pilot-tested by others in your field. That’s where this blog post comes in — to give you some quick, ready-to-execute ideas.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Thomas Faltin
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Excellent ideas to increase the impact of your marketing.

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10 Phenomenal Blogs in Totally Boring Industries

10 Phenomenal Blogs in Totally Boring Industries | Internet Presence |
Think only B2C blogs can be interesting? Here are 10 blogs from a variety of "boring" industries that'll prove you wrong.

Warning: The following blogs are gonna be boring. They're for industries that you most likely don't care about -- most are B2B businesses, so the chances of you being interested in that content and also a reader of our blog are kinda slim. 

But, there's no denying that these blogs absolutely rock. Though you may not always be interested in the topics or industries that these blogs talk about, they are kicking some serious butt at doing their job for people in those industries.

Because we've talked about quality content being decided by your audience, we've got to give these amazing blogs in totally boring industries a high-five. So prepare yourself to be blown away. And who knows? By the end, you may be subscribed to a few of them ;)

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Luis Costa
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Making content interest with crispy clear and inviting landing pages is an art. Lots of work to do still.

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9 Hidden Facebook Features Only Power Users Know

9 Hidden Facebook Features Only Power Users Know | Internet Presence |

Facebook is the principal digital public square of today. Well, it's the principal digital public square for those of a certain age (i.e. post-college, the young'ns aren't into it!) But Zuck & Co's site is still an extremely integral virtual venue and will continue to be for some time.

While Facebook's business model has evolved away from just to include its mobile incarnation and other associated apps, the old familiar website is still the preferred venue for many. And why not? one of the most advanced public-facing websites out there.

Facebook is a magnet for some of the top engineering talent in the world, so it stands to reason that the company would boast one of the world's most complex and multi-faceted websites. It rivals many standalone software apps with the sheer amount of personalization, tweaks, and tinkering available to visitors.

In fact, there are so many things you can do on that you probably don't know about them all.

And we're not even talking about the third-party Facebook apps or browser add-ons, we're talking about all the official, baked-in, easily accessible functions that are just a few clicks away. As you'll see in our slideshow, there are even some functions that appear to be leftovers from bygone eras that we're not even sure Facebook still knows are there.

So, take a look at our slideshow and awaken your inner power user social super star who is just waiting to break out!

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via massimo facchinetti
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Interesting things to learn here.

malek's curator insight, June 22, 4:15 AM

#4 Create an Interest List

Good curation tool on facebook. You can create a list for "favorite thai foods" and keep following all local restaurants.

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Social Media Publishing is dead (as we know it)

Social Media Publishing is dead (as we know it) | Internet Presence |

 Earlier this month, Facebook dropped a bombshell by not only acknowledging that Facebook pages’ organic reach was declining but also by telling us we shouldn’t expect them to recover. Facebook’s VP of Product for Facebook Ads, Brian Boland, went on to explain that this is the new world we live in now, that the same thing happened with search engines before and that we’d better get used to it. It’s true that many platforms go through a similar cycle: first, they present a great free opportunity, then more and more people grab it - decreasing the return for everyone until finally, the platform focuses on those ready to pay for play. It happened with Google Search; it happened with Apps (yes, Apple doesn’t sell ads but others do - such as coincidentally... Facebook). And now that all social media are publicly-traded company with ambitious revenue targets to reach, it will happen to social media as well.
So what does the decline of organic reach on Facebook and social platforms exactly mean on a practical basis?

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Staying on the edge of what's happening is the key. Get the advantage. is a great tool, and has been for me.

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Google's new toy for business owners

Google's new toy for business owners | Internet Presence |
Google unveils new "My Business" interactive platform to allow small businesses to market themselves more effectively on the search engine.

We've never pulled together all of these features into a single hub that's easy to use," said Jen Fitzpatrick, Google's vice president of engineering and product management. "The idea is to let small businesses manage their online presence in a single, consolidated way."

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Ivan Berlocher
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Helpful for small businesses. Not a tool to boost your search rankings though.

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The Internet of Things: it's a really big deal

The Internet of Things: it's a really big deal | Internet Presence |
Within a few years, the Internet of Things is going to be worth trillions of dollars, writes John Naughton

Good morning! Or evening, if you happen to be reading this on the other side of the world. Our topic for today is the internet. What? You already know about the internet? No, no, I don't mean that internet, the boring old one you use to access YouTube and send Facebook updates, email and tweets and stuff. That's the internet of people and it's so, well, yesterday. I'm talking about the new internet, which is going to be the latest thing Real Soon Now.

It's called the Internet of Things or IoT and it's got everybody very excited over in Silicon Valley, where they hyperventilate a lot about technology. When you ask them what it is they say things such as "a global, immersive, invisible, ambient networked computin

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via TechinBiz
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

The next big thing: everything connected. More gadgets, more startups, more ideas.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing on #GooglePlus

A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing on #GooglePlus | Internet Presence |

Google plus is one of the most unknown, under-utilized internet marketing tools available on the internet right now. It contains magical powers, like the ability to get your face to appear next to your search result listings in Google Search and the opportunity to network with thousands of like-minded individuals.   Many whisper that Google Plus holds the secret to future Google Search organic rankings.   At the very minimum, Google Plus is a vibrant community full of engaged users that are ready to become a part of your online audience.  It also has so much potential to become intertwined with every aspect of Google’s multiple prominent platforms.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Jaana Nyström
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

I'm amazed every time to see my picture pop up on Google searches with some very general keywords. Every time it goes back to Google+.

donhornsby's curator insight, June 10, 5:35 AM

Helpful resource for those using Google Plus!

Alfonso Gomez's curator insight, June 10, 7:19 AM

Amazing way for connecting ideasesg

Bart van Maanen's curator insight, June 11, 2:43 AM

Alles wat je wilt weten om Google+ goed te gebruiken, staat in dit uitgebreide overzicht. 

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The Best Infographics to Help You Create Smart Content

The Best Infographics to Help You Create Smart Content | Internet Presence |
These days, creating online content and gaining results can get pretty overwhelming. There are countless vehicles to use, plenty of social media sites to distribute on, and more than enough platforms…

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Via Stefano Principato
Hsin-Ju Tsai's curator insight, August 16, 5:31 AM

Content marketing is getting important as social media is more powerful than before. People are get used to read short paragraph or even few words with picture. So, how we can express the message through the few words is a key task for us. @Ashleigh Ali

Maria Serrano Correia's curator insight, August 18, 4:00 AM

smart "journalistic type" of content

Benjamin Labarthe-Piol's curator insight, August 18, 12:43 PM

Great infographic

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The Gentle and Visual Guide to Startup Marketing

The Gentle and Visual Guide to Startup Marketing | Internet Presence |

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A visual guide to growing a startup with inbound marketing.

There are two things in my professional life that I'm passionate about.

1.  Startups.  I love startups.  It's an obsession.  I've started three companies, angel invested in over 50 and (hopefully) helped thousands more entrepreneurs in some small way through the community.

2. Inbound marketing.  I love inbound marketing.  It's the idea that's at the heart of my company, HubSpot.  It's about marketing that focuses on attracting customers — not annoying them with interruptions.  It makes marketing about helping people, not harassing them.

Those of you that follow me either here or on the LinkedIn Influencers program know that I've spent hundreds of hours on the HubSpot Culture Code deck.  Now, I'm thrilled to share with you the second most intense deck I've worked on.  Clocking in at 100+ slides as well (what is it with me and large slide decks)?  This time, instead of culture, I talk about startup marketing.  It's my contribution to the startup marketing world.  Like everything else I work on, it's an obsession.  Hope you enjoy it.


Jumpstart: The Guide To Growing A Startup With Inbound Marketing from HubSpot


If you'd like to discuss this deck, or startup marketing in general, I'll be doing an “Ask Me Anything” (about this deck, startups or anything) over on the #1 place for inbound marketing discussion.  Come join me.

Here are some highlights for those of you that are not “slide-y” kind of people.

1. Stop ignoring marketing.  Yes, I know you're going to build a killer product that people are going to love.  Marketing can help you find people to love it.  And yes, you can hire a PR agency and hope that you're going to get all this “free” publicity in TechCrunch and what not.  That's fine — but what are you going to do the other 363 days?  You need to invest in marketing.

2. Marketing doesn't have to be sleazy.  The best marketing is inbound which is basically doing what you do best (helping customers).  It's about creating content that is useful for your potential users/customers.  You use that as a tool to bring people in.

3. Stealth mode is for fighter jets, not startups.  If you're worried about somebody stealing your idea, please stop.  Right now.  Worry about how you're going to get customers.  And team members.  And funding.  All of these things are really hard -- if you don't talk about your idea.  

4. If you wait until after your product is out to start marketing, you waited to long. Ideally, your'e writing your first line of content the same day as you're writing your first line of code.  You need to start building brand, reach and credibility as early as possible.  

5. Don't get into an arms race for attention.  You won't win by shouting louder, getting bigger ads or buying a bigger booth at the tradeshow.

6. Don't try to outspend the incumbent.  They have more money than you and can spend money way more stupidly.  As a startup, you need to find marketing that gives you leverage.  Where you get disproportionate, long-term return given the investment. 

7. Don't just hire a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  In the early years, everybody in the company should be selling.  Everybody in the company should also be marketing.  You don't need a high-falutin marketing executive from [whatever-company].  You need someone that cares passionately about what you are doing, wants to help people and teach them and can create content and build your brand and reach.

8. Learn the basics of SEO.  There's just too much  traffic to ignore.  The nice thing about organic traffic is a) there's more of it.  b) the marginal cost for those clicks is low.  (Once you have content ranking, you're not paying additional money for each additional click). 

9. Use social media as an amplifier.  It takes time, but if you build a following, social media is a great way to take that awesome content you're producing and spreader it further and wider.

10. Don't assemble your own platform.  This is a bit self-serving (since my company HubSpot provides a marketing platform), but it's still true.  As a startup, you should be spending ALL available calories on making your product better and helping your customers.  Don't rationalize the time for wiring together a bunch of different apps, just because you're smart enough to pick the right tool in each category, and smart enough to get them to talk.  Use those brain cells on the product.

11. Definitely do not write your own CMS. I'm amazed at how entrepreneurs can get lured into this “but it's not that hard” mindset.  Wordpress is an awesome product.  HubSpot has a CMS and blogging app built in.  In this day and age, there is no reason to write your own CMS — unless you're selling your own CMS (in which case, may the force be with you).

...for the rest, you'll have to check out the 116 slides in the deck (it goes quickly).

By the way, my company, HubSpot just launched a new program specifically for startups from great accelerators.  It's called Jumpstart.  You should check it out

This has been 5+ years in the making.  You should join because of the reduced price for HubSpot (by about 90% for the first year).  It'll help you get marketing started off on the right foot.  It'll help you DO the things you need to do (blog, SEO, social, landing pages, etc.), KNOW the things you need to know (like what's working and what's not) and GROW your company by pulling it all together and giving you the industry's best support.

Get your Free Business Plan Template here:

Via Justin Jones
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Hubspot created a great tool for startups. Take a look.

malek's curator insight, August 6, 4:11 AM

Creating a diversified high quality content (on regular basis) is one of the main foundations of a startup.

Sreehari's curator insight, August 6, 4:44 AM

keeps you on move always

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Hackers of the world unite as privacy startups answer Snowden’s call | Information Age

Hackers of the world unite as privacy startups answer Snowden’s call | Information Age | Internet Presence |

How the evolution of privacy startups is helping ordinary web users take back control of their data

Addressing the Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference over the weekend, Edward Snowden entreated hackers, engineers and activists to fight surveillance by building a new generation of privacy tools for everyone to use.

In fact, privacy startups are already hard at work building tools to help web users protect their privacy in areas such as analytics, encryption and search.

However, there is still much work to do to put these tools into the hands of the ordinary web user.

>See also: The big debate: do we need a privacy charter for the internet?

Since the NSA revelations last year, this task has continued to grow in significance as more and more privacy scares have grabbed the attention of the general public.

Earlier this month, for example, an employee of Germany's intelligence service was arrested on suspicion of spying for the US.

However, it’s not just the NSA that is the guilty party. Corporations such as Google and Facebook are also building treasure troves of personal information to share with others, often without user consent.

Emerging technology startups from around the world have responded to privacy concerns by building user-friendly products in three key areas: analytics, encryption and search.

- See more at:

Get your Free Business Plan Template here:

Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Privacy is becoming a very big issue. The public will not let government just call the shots.

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7 Online Tools That Help You to Write Faster and Better

7 Online Tools That Help You to Write Faster and Better | Internet Presence |

Anyone can start a blog – but not everyone can start and maintain a quality blog that offers valuable insights and advice. Part of running a high quality blog is offering high quality content with high quality writing – see the theme? (In case you missed it, it’s quality…) Not everyone is a natural writer, but thanks to a slew of online tools, everyone can become a better writer.

Here are just seven of the many helpful online tools out there that help writers to improve their final versions:

Get your Free Business Plan Template here:

Via Stefano Principato, malek
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Continuous 'quality' writing is a challenge for small businesses. These are some good tools.

malek's curator insight, July 20, 4:24 AM

Urban dictionary has been an epiphany at times.

massimo scalzo's curator insight, July 21, 12:50 AM

There are many tools to pave the way for maintaining a quality Blog...Have a look here

Monica S Mcfeeters's curator insight, July 21, 4:43 AM
Some folks have ask me if I do a blog. I'm a fairly long winded commenter with lots of opinions and thoughts on the topics I care about. The answer is yes, but not seriously. I thought this article might help me get more serious about that. Why waste your thoughts to be left to fly away with time? Someone might be able to build on them even if you don't. Sometimes sad to say we even forget some of our own best ideas when we have time to work on them. Why not record them and store them on a blog.
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The Top 10 Reasons You're Still Clinging to Facebook

The Top 10 Reasons You're Still Clinging to Facebook | Internet Presence |

Facebook has us hooked, and most of us aren't saying goodbye anytime soon.

The thought of deleting your Facebook account permanently has probably crossed your mind. But whether it's FOMO or wanting to keep in touch with others, something holds us back and we're unable to escape the social media giant.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Thomas Faltin, massimo facchinetti
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

A good number of valid reasons.

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What Is the Best Ad Server for Your Site?

What Is the Best Ad Server for Your Site? | Internet Presence |
Ad servers are are one of the most versatile ways to monetize your website. The best ad server for you depends on factors like price and ease of use.

A growing number of publishers are turning to ad servers to display and manage advertisements on their websites.

There are many reasons for this, but one major advantage ad servers provide is simplicity. With an ad server in place, a publisher can swap adverts from a central location without having to go “under the hood” of their websites.

Ad servers also give you the ability to monitor your stats and tweak your adverts for geo-location and other factors.

As a website owner, the best ad server for you will depend on a range of factors that include price, scalability, ease of use and features.

The five ad servers in this list perform the best according to these criteria. They offer something to suit both small and large budgets and are among the most versatile monetization strategies you can employ online.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Official AndreasCY
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

There is much more than just Google ads. This is a good overview.

Official AndreasCY's curator insight, July 6, 5:16 AM

A guide to the best ad servers.

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What Happens to Your Online Presence When You Die? [Infographic]

What Happens to Your Online Presence When You Die? [Infographic] | Internet Presence |
What happens to your data when you die? In its first eight years of existence, an estimated 30 million Facebook users passed away, leaving behind their pages and all of their data. While Facebook now offers to memorialize pages of users who have passed away, there is still a time period in which deceased users …

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via malek
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Interesting topic. Definitely something to look at.

commentrix's curator insight, June 27, 9:54 PM

This infographic has all the answers to the questions about what will happen with your data when you die!

Treathyl Fox's curator insight, June 28, 10:06 AM

So glad to find this infographic on a very serious topic for me.  Since 2007, my business and employment endeavors have been work at home projects.  Often wonder what will happen to these projects when I no longer wake up each day to maintain them.

M. Philip Oliver's curator insight, June 30, 9:40 AM
"Die" or retreat from Social Media?
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'The Internet's Own Boy': how the government destroyed Aaron Swartz

'The Internet's Own Boy': how the government destroyed Aaron Swartz | Internet Presence |

A film tells the story of the coder-activist who fought corporate power and corruption -- and paid a cruel price.

Brian Knappenberger’s Kickstarter-funded documentary “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz,” which premiered at Sundance barely a year after the legendary hacker, programmer and information activist took his own life in January 2013, feels like the beginning of a conversation about Swartz and his legacy rather than the final word. This week it will be released in theaters, arriving in the middle of an evolving debate about what the Internet is, whose interests it serves and how best to manage it, now that the techno-utopian dreams that sounded so great in Wired magazine circa 1996 have begun to ring distinctly hollow.

What surprised me when I wrote about “The Internet’s Own Boy” from Sundance was the snarky, dismissive and downright hostile tone struck by at least a few commenters. There was a certain dark symmetry to it, I thought at the time: A tragic story about the downfall, destruction and death of an Internet idealist calls up all of the medium’s most distasteful qualities, including its unique ability to transform all discourse into binary and ill-considered nastiness, and its empowerment of the chorus of belittlers and begrudgers collectively known as trolls. In retrospect, I think the symbolism ran even deeper. Aaron Swartz’s life and career exemplified a central conflict within Internet culture, and one whose ramifications make many denizens of the Web highly uncomfortable.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Luca Baptista
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Funny-Looking Coat Turns Away Spying Electronic Eyes

Funny-Looking Coat Turns Away Spying Electronic Eyes | Internet Presence |
The newest in surveillance-blocking technology is also the coziest.

If you always wanted Harry Potter's invisibility cloak but wished it was a bit comfier, your wish may have come true.

Austrian architecture firm Coop-Himmelblau has designed a Snuggie-like piece of clothing that jams the wearer's phone, effectively rendering him invisible. The Jammer Coat shields the phone from wireless signals, so the device becomes undetectable to things like search engines or tracking software, and there's no way for anyone to pull credit card information.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Thomas Faltin
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

The problem with this is that your body is inside a Faraday's cage, it should 'breathe' energy, which is cut off for yourself too.

Why not just turning off your phone when you don't want to be detected?

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35 Blogging Tips to Woo Readers and Win Business

35 Blogging Tips to Woo Readers and Win Business | Internet Presence |

Let’s not pussyfoot around it.

Blogging is a lot of work. Hard work.

Generate new blog post ideas. Write weekly content. Promote posts via social media and email.

At times, we all wonder whether our blogging efforts are paying off. Do we need to keep plugging away? Write more? Promote more?

The thought of quitting might even creep up now and then. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about your next blog post? And have some extra time to go out with friends? Or to read a book?

But the benefits of writing a business blog can be tremendous. Career-changing.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

Get your Free Business Plan Template here:

Via Daniel Watson
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

A good blog is a mighty powerful tool for your business. This article is good. Highly recommended.

Simon Steed's curator insight, June 22, 1:03 PM

Some very useful tips on why and what you should be blogging about - people are interested to hear what you say!

4twenty2's curator insight, June 23, 2:30 AM

Great blog about keeping your blog content fresh and interesting.  

Alain Theriault MBA's curator insight, June 23, 8:32 AM

never underestimate the power of good content marketing. For startups, it's often the best way to start building credibility. I like to refer to social media as a fishing net to bring hungry fishes to your feeding pond...your blog  ;-) 

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Converting your written content to a SlideShare deck

As a professional who is using written content to market your products or services, you probably have many articles, special reports, and white papers. How can you take the content you have already created and convert it to take advantage of the SlideShare platform? Do you need to hire a designer? No. You can do it yourself. In this deck, presentation expert Dave Paradi partners with copyblogger to walk you through the process for converting written content into a SlideShare deck.

Get your Free Business Plan Template here:

Via Guillaume Decugis
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Slideshare is a great way to present, tell your story, create information. Here is the 'how-to'! Great stuff.

Guillaume Decugis's curator insight, June 13, 3:33 PM

Following up on the piece Ally curated recently, here's the hands-on practical presentation with step-by-step tips that are easily actionable.

Still unsure?

Well, repurposing works and is one of the most effective lean content technique as we've documented here.

Jeremy Pollard's curator insight, June 22, 5:48 PM

We all gained a great communications channel when LinkedIn bought Slideshare. Once you get past update posting on LinkedIn, and posting other peoples' pictures of other peoples' quotes - posting your own actual content is a great goal (and one of my New Year resolutions)


This is a good, practical article on how to re-purpose current content into a usable format for promotion via SlideShare

Jane Gardner's curator insight, July 17, 2:20 PM

i need an easy peasy way to convert written to other format

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Microsoft introduces employment and entrepreneurship portal in Kenya - HumanIPO

Microsoft introduces employment and entrepreneurship portal in Kenya - HumanIPO | Internet Presence |

Microsoft, in conjunction with the HomeBoyz Foundation, has launched employment and entrepreneurship portal TukoWorks in Kenya, with the main aim of providing youth with free resources, training, careers guidance services and entrepreneurial opportunities using a network of accessible tools and content.

The portal will also include skills and enterprise development resources.

“The introduction of the portal was necessitated by the need to bridge the information gap for job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs and school leavers by providing a network of accessible opportunities on various openings as well as necessary training on how to start a new enterprise,” said Microsoft Kenya country manager Kunle Awosika.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Jose Galvez
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Sounds like a great initiative, also being rolled out soon in 19 countries.

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