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60 Great Tips to Increase and Get Twitter Followers Fast

60 Great Tips to Increase and Get Twitter Followers Fast | Internet Presence |
Get followers, twitter guide for increasing followers instantly, massive free guide full of tips to get more twitter followers.

Twitter followers have always been a controversial point of discussion; some argue that it’s all about quality and not quantity, whilst others play the numbers game all the way. When talking about the popular micro-blogging platform, most people have been asked how many followers they have, so clearly if it doesn’t matter to you it does to others. I personally believe it is beneficial to have a large amount of followers, as long as you are able to spend the time and money required to achieve it. Below I have recorded my observations, experiences, tips and tactics for increasing your twitter followers, starting with the most basic and fundamental factors. Enjoy reading and trying them out for yourself!

Determine your end goal

Decide and determine what you want to achieve through twitter, perhaps you want to establish yourself as an authority on a niche subject or you want to increase leads for your business, whatever this may be make sure that you have a plan that includes figures and timeframes.

Brand yourself

Branding is very important in getting your message across, make sure that everything is working with your brand and that people will know what to expect before deciding to follow you. The more focused you are on your brand the more relevant followers you will attract. Get this fundamental step right and all the other points below will be easily applied.

Choose your username with care

Make sure that your username is unique, original and easily remembered, think what you are aiming to do with your account and what people you want to connect with are likely to find attractive. If you have a username that is not working for you or is unsuitable, change it! This can be done within your Twitter control panel.

Have a great avatar

Your avatar can quickly say something to prospective followers about who you are and what you have to say even if people have never seen you before, a good avatar will immediately allow someone to decide to take the plunge and hit that follow button. If tweeting for personal reasons a good headshot of yourself is a must.

Write an informative bio

Fill in your bio with a short description of what to expect from you, include any keywords and information and make it short but fun and interesting at the same time. A good call to action is an excellent way to get people interacting with you.

Add location to your profile

Think about who your ideal followers are and where they are from, if regional followers are important to you add the location where they are most likely to be found.

Get a custom Twitter background

A good twitter background can quickly convey all sorts of useful information about you, for businesses in particular it can convey what your brand is all about and become an extension of your website. A good twitter background should include important information about you, such as your email and website, if you have stats about the typical screen resolution of your target market take those into account when designing the background, if not design with a low screen resolution in mind for example 1024x768. You can check what backgrounds look like in different size screens here.

Tell people you already know

Let people you already know that you are on Twitter! It may seem obvious but if you take the time to tell people you already know, they are very likely to follow and read what you have to say, it can also be a great way to start interacting.

Announce on your social networks

One of the most efficient ways to tell people you already know is to make an announcement on your existing social networks do this more than once and frequently at the beginning of your effort to gain followers, if you are a big facebook user posting to facebook from twitter will help people to know you are actively using twitter.

Promote your account offline

Every time you shoot a video, give a speech, record a podcast or give a presentation find a way to tell people about your twitter account, give them a specific reason to follow and you will find that your twitter follower count will go up. A great way to promote your account is to have it printed on your promotional material and business cards if you don’t have those you could always give your twitter username along with your telephone when you meet people.

Link to your twitter account

Place links to your account on all your social media profiles, let people know that you are actively using twitter and that you are looking for people to add you on twitter. You can add some great looking widgets and badges to your pages to ensure maximum exposure.

Put a twitter feed on your blog or website

A feed can be a brief insight into your account and an excellent way to get targeted followers for your account, a feed with 3-5 of the latests posts can give enough of an insight into your account to make people curious enough to check and follow your account especially if your site gets a fair amount of traffic.

Don’t be a self promoter

Unless you happen to be a celebrity nobody will be interested in what you have to sell or offer and nobody will be interested in following someone who gives nothing back. So broadcasting about how great you or your product is just isn’t going to work on any level. Give something that people appreciate and will want to follow you for, add value to your followers and your follow count will increase. One easy tip is guaranteeing your followers to follow them back, think out of the box and be creative here.

Get involved in conversations

Read what your followers are talking about and join in, reply regularly to those who you have followed this makes it more likely for them to follow back, it shows you have something of value to contribute and gives the followers of that person a chance to find out more about you.

Tweet frequently

Potential followers will often look at your timeline to gauge whether you are worth following, if your timeline has fresh tweets is current and interesting you have a high chance of being followed.

Post interesting news articles

Find interesting articles and news stories in your niche that really stand out, make sure they are current and easily understood by your followers. There are many news websites with fantastic stories although a search on google news will often return some great ones.

Post good interesting everyday content

Apart from adding interesting links to articles be interactive and post things that people appreciate and find interesting this will encourage people to interact, retweet and most importantly follow you.

Search for tweets with your keywords

Use the Twitter search function to seek out people who are tweeting about subjects you are knowledgeable in, if you are able to add value to the conversation join in and offer your expertise, within the limits of 140 characters ofcourse!

Use hash tags

Using the # tag next to your content makes your keywords easy to find and identify. Quality content that is easy to find will go a long way to make you a desirable follow, use the hash tag sparingly on your most important keywords.

Become a resource

Tweet useful insights about your specialists subject give your existing followers to continue following you and your potential followers an excellent reason to hit that follow button.

Be human and provocative

Show that you are a real person; share intimate details about your life or business, and if you get it right not only will you increase your followers but you will also create an audience that will follow your tweets very closely.

Interact with influential people you know

Target well respected people in your niche, grab their attention by finding what motivates them and build a good relationship. Others will observe your account and also decide to follow you, your reach will increase dramatically as these influential people will also mention you to their followers which will often be great in numbers.

Identify other influential people

There are a number of useful tools that allow the measurement of social media influence, notably the website, these sites are sometimes not so user friendly or quick to use so another way is to look at the lists that the influential people you are already aware of have made. This can be a fast way to identify, follow and interact with other influencers in your niche.

Create your own Twitter lists

A topical list of accounts that are of interest to you, such a list allows you to closely follow certain accounts and it is a form of endorsement which may encourage members to follow you back. It is also a great way to increase the visibility of your account through people who are searching for lists in your niche.

Emulate other successful people

Having identified other influential people in your niche, follow their account closely and identify what it is they are doing so well. Implement some of their strategies and continue using the ones that directly increase your follower count.

Get retweeted

Encourage your followers to retweet you, it not only puts your username into other social circles but it also results in visits to your profile page and website. If your tweet is short, witty and topical is has a better chance of being retweeted. You can always just ask to be retweeted by adding “please RT”, this will often work if you have highly engaged followers.

Follow retweeters

You can find people who have retweeted tweets with your keywords recently by going to the Twitter search and searching for “RT #keyword” for example “RT #SEO”. You can then start following and interacting with active retweeters.

Retweet other people

Ok, we have established that getting retweeted is a good idea so if thats what you are looking for why not retweet content that you find useful and entertaining, it’s a great way to develop relationships and a way to stay active on twitter with little effort.

Recommend the most useful users

A great way to build relationships and thank those that are useful to you, a popular way to do this is to recommend people on Friday with the use of the #FollowFriday or #FF hash tag. When you do this its best to include a short explanation of why you are recommending them.

Tweet multimedia

Nowadays most mobile phones have internet access and posting pictures, sound clips and video clips is not only easy but it also gives users an intimate insight into your own personal world. Updates with video, pictures and even sound clips can be fun and entertaining; it can also liven up your timeline and make your account more interesting to follow.

Take time to engage

Make sure that when people start following you and commenting on your tweets you take some time out to engage and reply to the most relevant tweets. Remember Twitter is a powerful communication platform, such engagement allows other people to see that you are a human being that can add value to them and worth following.

Answer questions on your specialist subject

Encourage users to ask you questions, this gives you credibility in your field and also exposes your username to new social circles. Inventing your own hash tag for these questions reinforces your brand and makes it easy for you to find and see all the questions directed at you.

Get listed on Twitter directories

Online Twitter directories are useful for those who are looking to follow people within a particular niche or industry, it is an easy and convenient way for others to follow targeted users. Such online directories include Wefollow and Twellow.

Join twitter groups

There are groups that you can join online especially for the popular micro blogging platform, here is the perfect chance to exchange ideas build new relationships and increase your follower count. Facebook is a good place to start looking for these types of groups.

Go to Tweetups

Tweetups are in-person networking events organised on Twitter itself, here you can put real faces to accounts you have been following and exchanging ideas with. Search on twitter using “tweetup area” replacing area with your own preferred locality, for example “Tweetup London”.

Participate in Twitter chats

These are conversations organised by a person or group of people to discuss issues about a specialist subject. Twitter chats are one of the best ways to identify and follow like minded users who are highly likely to interact and follow you back, not only increasing your follower count but also making your username visible to their own followers.

Participate in forums and blogs

Use specialist forums and blogs that deal with social networking and in particular Twitter to tell everyone about who you are and why you are worth following, take time to introduce yourself and to answer peoples questions on your specialist subject.

Use trends to increase your reach

Observe the trending hash tags in your region, look at the tweets that have been heavily retweeted and think about why they are popular, tweet something along the same lines giving your own spin to the subject. You may combine more than one popular hash tag to potentially propel your username to multiple social circles and increase your chance of being retweeted and followed.

Repeat your most popular tweets

Look at your most popular tweets, if you see that it is still appropriate to repeat them you may do so approximately 8-12 hours after you first tweeted them for people who missed it the first time round, be very careful not to seem repetitive and monotonous though.

Tweet events

These are usually question and answer sessions set up by a well known personality, here you have the chance to ask questions and interact with people in your niche. Look out for any of these tweet events by reading websites and publications focused on your area of knowledge. If you manage to get mentioned by the person or company leading the event you are very likely to be followed by those following the action online.

Interactive television shows

The power of Twitter has really gained momentum over the past few years, we are now seeing even television shows integrating twitter streams as a way to let viewers participate. This is an amazing opportunity to get your twitter username on TV and potentially reach millions of television viewers. In this case you are far more likely to be mentioned if you make a really interesting and amusing tweet that is suitable for the audience of the show. Look carefully at any others getting a mention and spot a pattern of what to say, usually it's easy to gauge what the TV producer is looking for.

Get on websites with mention streams

There are some extremely popular websites that have a stream of all their mentions or mentions of a hash tag, if you spot any of these it can be a fantastic way to get targeted views of your account and if you find a really great opportunity you could always mention their username or tag and ask people to follow you directly!

Tweet quotes

Sharing quotes with your followers is a simple fun and easy source of interesting useful content, quotes are good because you can get them on just about any industry or niche and they are usually positive and inspiring to many people and therefore often retweeted.

Tweet privileged information

If you have something unique to offer followers make sure you let them know about it, this is a prime example of adding value to your followers. This information may include exclusive offers, pictures of inside the Googleplex if you happen to be there or any other type of information that is not widely available. Be sure to develop a relationship with your followers and follow up by getting them to keep following you on a long term basis rather than for the duration of your exclusive information for example you could let them know to watch your tweets closely and look out for more of the same next week.

Tweet during rush hour

Studies have shown that the best times to tweet are around 1pm and 3pm Monday to Thursday, if you take time to study when your typical users are most active reading and tweeting you will gain maximum visibility. There are tools which allow you to schedule tweets ahead of time, one of the most popular being Hootsuite, it can be downloaded onto your PC, Mac and even iPhone for maximum convenience.

Be aware of time zones

Take into account where your ideal users live and in what time zone they are located, if you are targeting people in the US and the UK for example, it might be worth scheduling tweets during optimal times for them to see, interact and amplify your reach.

Be human nobody wants to follow a robot!

So far we have touched upon some of the automation methods though at this point it must be stressed that any automation must be used carefully, nobody is interested in following robots, therefore you should note that if any of these tools are used it must be done in such a way that it doesn’t compromise your authenticity as a human being.

Follow people

Follow people often, around 30% - 50% of all people you follow will follow you back, which means that following as many people as possible will equate to a huge number of followers, in practice this just isn’t possible due to restrictions in place by the Twitter system. These restrictions, known as Twitter follow limits, kick into place when you follow 2,000 or more people. Then you will not be able to follow more than 110% of people who follow you, meaning that if you have 10,000 followers you will not be able to follow more than 11,000 people at a time. This restriction was a smart move by Twitter as it avoids users following hundreds of thousands of people just to have hundreds of thousands of followers!

Follow local people

Follow people local to your area, build a connection not only through you specialist knowledge but also through your knowledge of the area local to you, invite them to networking events or to other events of interest for example seminars or talks on subjects of common interest. You may use tools such as and twitaholic to help you find popular people in your locality.

Follow people who always follow back

In light of the fact that there are follow limits it is in your best interest for anyone you follow to follow you back, not only will you gain more followers in this way but you will also avoid the follow limits. You can find people that always follow back by searching their bio and tweets for the following:

  • #TeamFollowBack
  • #InstantFollow
  • #Follow4Follow
  • #FollownGain
  • #500aday
Follow the followers of big followers

Use twitaholic to see who has the most followers in popular cities like London, New York and Chicago. Follow the followers of anyone who is following more than 1,000 people than are following them, these will be people who have amassed a large following from the method above. You will gain followers fast but don’t expect much interaction from these accounts as they are people, and in many cases robots, who just follow anyone that follows them. This method is a mere time saving exercise that allows you to follow people who will follow back without having to search for them through tags such as #TeamFollowBack.

Unfollow those who don’t follow back

The only way to avoid the follow limits if you are gaining followers by following many people is to unfollow those who don’t follow back. This constant “follow – unfollow” process is often referred to as “churn” the rate at which the “follow – unfollow” happens is called the “churn Rate”. You must be aware that a high churn rate goes against the terms of service and there is a risk of your account being suspended if this method is employed aggressively.

Use online Tools

Use tools available online to automate the process of following, unfollowing tweeting following back and direct messages amongst many other things. Once you amass a large follower count it will be necessary to use these tools effectively to employ the methods listed above. Some of the most popular and effective online tools are Tweepi and Manageflitter. Here you will be able to do much of the automation needed to gain more followers on a large scale.

Use computer software

These automated programmes are especially designed to enable the automation of all aspects of your account. Most of these tools, such as TweetAdder, have been developed by internet marketers and commonly allow you to: Find targeted followers Automation of follows and unfollows Automated tweets Automated direct Messages Though automation in business is always a good thing, you must beware that many of these practices go directly against the Twitter terms of service and there is a significant risk of getting your account suspended if the software is not used correctly. Twitter has filed lawsuits against the makers of these tools as they are often used aggressively by spammers.

Show Your Twitter Followers Count

There is something to be said about power in numbers and in this case it is particularly true to say that once you have acquired a large number of followers it is beneficial to display these on your blog or network. The large follower count has a psychological effect that enhances your chances of being followed, known as social proof.

Buy followers

A pretty controversial one, and one that I have included only for information. Buying followers will increase your follower count fast and there are popular sites such as fiverr for this type of service where people are offering up to 15,000 followers for as little as $5. These followers will be of no use except for bumping up the number count and may actually damage your reputation or brand as these fake followers can be easily identified through tools such as StatusPeople, there is probably nothing worse for personal reputation or brand than being “outed” for buying followers. This relatively new phenomenon has not only been discussed amongst tech savvy users but has also recently hit the headlines in the main stream newspapers after several high profile reports of well known people accused of buying fake followers. I do not endorse or recommend this method, in fact it can cause havoc if you are employing some of the other methods above, I strongly advise not to use this method.

Run a contest

This technique was most famously offered by Kevin Rose back in 2009 and since then many companies, brands and individuals have run contests very successfully, when running such a competition remember to check out the Twitter guidelines for running a contest.

Write articles about twitter

If there is one particular aspect of twitter that you know a great deal about why not write a blog post or add a guide to your website, Twitter has become so popular in recent years but it’s still so new that there is still room to write articles that people appreciate and find useful. Such exposure will not only mean more followers but also more credibility within your own social circle.

Guest post on other blogs

Search for bloggers in your niche that have a large number of followers and have popular websites, offer to write an article for their site in return for promotion of your twitter account, your account will become more visible and you will gain followers along the way. To get an idea of how popular a blog or website is check

Track and measure

As anyone in business will tell you: “Anything measured improves!”. It is very important to keep an accurate record of what you are doing to increase your twitter followers. You can use the automated tools mentioned before to track your efforts and if you want to see a more accurate statistic count of the number of followers you have gained and expect to gain use TwitterCounter.

If you are a content marketer and are using twitter to syndicate your content you can keep track of how often your page has been shared on twitter and other social media articles using tools such as the Social Media Shares Counter.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Twitter. Good information, great ideas, lots of experience.

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The Gentle and Visual Guide to Startup Marketing

The Gentle and Visual Guide to Startup Marketing | Internet Presence |

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A visual guide to growing a startup with inbound marketing.

There are two things in my professional life that I'm passionate about.

1.  Startups.  I love startups.  It's an obsession.  I've started three companies, angel invested in over 50 and (hopefully) helped thousands more entrepreneurs in some small way through the community.

2. Inbound marketing.  I love inbound marketing.  It's the idea that's at the heart of my company, HubSpot.  It's about marketing that focuses on attracting customers — not annoying them with interruptions.  It makes marketing about helping people, not harassing them.

Those of you that follow me either here or on the LinkedIn Influencers program know that I've spent hundreds of hours on the HubSpot Culture Code deck.  Now, I'm thrilled to share with you the second most intense deck I've worked on.  Clocking in at 100+ slides as well (what is it with me and large slide decks)?  This time, instead of culture, I talk about startup marketing.  It's my contribution to the startup marketing world.  Like everything else I work on, it's an obsession.  Hope you enjoy it.


Jumpstart: The Guide To Growing A Startup With Inbound Marketing from HubSpot


If you'd like to discuss this deck, or startup marketing in general, I'll be doing an “Ask Me Anything” (about this deck, startups or anything) over on the #1 place for inbound marketing discussion.  Come join me.

Here are some highlights for those of you that are not “slide-y” kind of people.

1. Stop ignoring marketing.  Yes, I know you're going to build a killer product that people are going to love.  Marketing can help you find people to love it.  And yes, you can hire a PR agency and hope that you're going to get all this “free” publicity in TechCrunch and what not.  That's fine — but what are you going to do the other 363 days?  You need to invest in marketing.

2. Marketing doesn't have to be sleazy.  The best marketing is inbound which is basically doing what you do best (helping customers).  It's about creating content that is useful for your potential users/customers.  You use that as a tool to bring people in.

3. Stealth mode is for fighter jets, not startups.  If you're worried about somebody stealing your idea, please stop.  Right now.  Worry about how you're going to get customers.  And team members.  And funding.  All of these things are really hard -- if you don't talk about your idea.  

4. If you wait until after your product is out to start marketing, you waited to long. Ideally, your'e writing your first line of content the same day as you're writing your first line of code.  You need to start building brand, reach and credibility as early as possible.  

5. Don't get into an arms race for attention.  You won't win by shouting louder, getting bigger ads or buying a bigger booth at the tradeshow.

6. Don't try to outspend the incumbent.  They have more money than you and can spend money way more stupidly.  As a startup, you need to find marketing that gives you leverage.  Where you get disproportionate, long-term return given the investment. 

7. Don't just hire a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  In the early years, everybody in the company should be selling.  Everybody in the company should also be marketing.  You don't need a high-falutin marketing executive from [whatever-company].  You need someone that cares passionately about what you are doing, wants to help people and teach them and can create content and build your brand and reach.

8. Learn the basics of SEO.  There's just too much  traffic to ignore.  The nice thing about organic traffic is a) there's more of it.  b) the marginal cost for those clicks is low.  (Once you have content ranking, you're not paying additional money for each additional click). 

9. Use social media as an amplifier.  It takes time, but if you build a following, social media is a great way to take that awesome content you're producing and spreader it further and wider.

10. Don't assemble your own platform.  This is a bit self-serving (since my company HubSpot provides a marketing platform), but it's still true.  As a startup, you should be spending ALL available calories on making your product better and helping your customers.  Don't rationalize the time for wiring together a bunch of different apps, just because you're smart enough to pick the right tool in each category, and smart enough to get them to talk.  Use those brain cells on the product.

11. Definitely do not write your own CMS. I'm amazed at how entrepreneurs can get lured into this “but it's not that hard” mindset.  Wordpress is an awesome product.  HubSpot has a CMS and blogging app built in.  In this day and age, there is no reason to write your own CMS — unless you're selling your own CMS (in which case, may the force be with you).

...for the rest, you'll have to check out the 116 slides in the deck (it goes quickly).

By the way, my company, HubSpot just launched a new program specifically for startups from great accelerators.  It's called Jumpstart.  You should check it out

This has been 5+ years in the making.  You should join because of the reduced price for HubSpot (by about 90% for the first year).  It'll help you get marketing started off on the right foot.  It'll help you DO the things you need to do (blog, SEO, social, landing pages, etc.), KNOW the things you need to know (like what's working and what's not) and GROW your company by pulling it all together and giving you the industry's best support.

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Hubspot created a great tool for startups. Take a look.

malek's curator insight, August 6, 7:11 AM

Creating a diversified high quality content (on regular basis) is one of the main foundations of a startup.

Sreehari's curator insight, August 6, 7:44 AM

keeps you on move always

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Top 5 Reasons e-Businesses Fail

Top 5 Reasons e-Businesses Fail | Internet Presence |
Learn from the mistakes failed dotcom businesses made so you don't make the same errors when starting your e-business.

This excerpt is part of's Second-Quarter Startup Kit which explores the fundamentals of starting up in a wide range of industries.

In Start Your Own e-Business, the staff at Entrepreneur Press and writer Rich Mintzer explain how to build a dotcom business that will succeed. In this book, you'll find recipes for success, road maps that pinpoint the hazards, and dozens of interviews with dotcom entrepreneurs who've proved they've got what it takes to survive in this sometimes fickle marketplace. In this edited excerpt, the authors discuss the five primary reasons other dotcom businesses have failed in the past so you can learn from their mistakes.

Before getting your e-business off the ground, it's worthwhile to see why so many dotcoms have fallen by the wayside. Here are the top 5 reasons:

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Analysis of failure of e-commerce (and/or startups) in clear business terminology.

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How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times

How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times | Internet Presence |
Creating a great blog post is only half the battle. In a sea of content, you also need to get the word out there. Here's how to get your blog post shared.

To read the full article and see the infographic, click on the title or image.

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Complete set of ideas and tools, some that are still brand new to me. Lots to do.

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Power Up Your Content with Influencer Marketing

Power Up Your Content with Influencer Marketing | Internet Presence |

The basic concept of influencer marketing is to target people who have some degree of influence over the public's buying decisions.

A successful influencer campaign starts with seeking out relevant influencers.

In terms of content marketing, these are people who weld the same power through various online platforms ranging from blogs to online review sites.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Powerful way to create great content, get the word out, have traffic.

Ally Greer's curator insight, May 2, 3:22 PM

Identifying and activating influencers in your space is super important for a successful marketing campaign. We've been testing out tools like Traackr as well to find the different influencers in our space. 

Influencers are people who not only have large followings, but actually are able to have an impact on that following and influence their behaviors. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Leveraging existing influencers in your field is much easier than trying to become one from day one. That said, though, building relationships with these influencers will help you gain a similar status in your community. 

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3 Ways Co-Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

3 Ways Co-Marketing Can Help Your Small Business | Internet Presence |

What is co-marketing?

It's exactly what it sounds like. It's when you work with another business, or group of businesses, on a marketing strategy or campaign that promotes all of your companies. Here's HubSpot's definition:

"It's the opportunity for two brands to work together on promotional efforts with a co-branded offer. In a co-marketing partnership, both companies promote a piece of content or a product, and share results of that promotion with each other."

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Sharing the spots makes them easier

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Stephan Hovnanian - Google+ - A Playbook for anyone looking to Hangouts for marketing and…

Stephan Hovnanian - Google+ - A Playbook for anyone looking to Hangouts for marketing and… | Internet Presence |

A Playbook for anyone looking to Hangouts for marketing and business
+David Amerland 's newest book, Google+ Hangouts for Business, is a playbook for companies looking at Hangouts technology for marketing. I say "playbook" because David takes a broad, multifaceted technology (Hangouts) and distills it into three sections:

1) The technology itself
2) The business case for Hangouts
3) Technical and Strategic implementation

As a HOA host (+GPLUSSPOTLIGHT, Wednesdays, 12:30pm ET), the systematic approach to building brand authority, marketing, collaboration...all of it, resonated with me on so many levels, it was empowering.

This is a must-read for any hangouts on air host, as well as businesses looking to Hangouts technology for collaboration, marketing, and relationship building. Job well done, David.

To read the full article and view the chart, click on the title or image.

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Google+Hangouts is a very powerful tool for your business. Here is a great piece of information.

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Gawker bans ‘Internet slang’ | Poynter.

“We want to sound like regular adult human beings, not Buzzfeed writers or Reddit commenters,” new Gawker Editor Max Read says in a memo to the publication’s writers. Words like “epic,” “pwn” and “derp” are no longer welcome on the site. Read also says the word “massive” is “never to appear on the website Gawker dot com.”He also asks staffers not to use strikethrough for corrections, preferring they “change the wording and link from there to a comment noting the corrected text.” He singles out a correction by J.K. Trotter that was done in “the proper spirit and is funny to boot.”...

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Jeff Domansky's curator insight, April 4, 4:16 AM

OMG! Dude, awesome news!

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Finding Potential Content Publishers: A 3-Step Outreach Process

Finding Potential Content Publishers: A 3-Step Outreach Process | Internet Presence |

Content marketing has become a popular method to promote a website or a blog. Done right, it can provide tremendous benefits — for example, it’s a great way to get relevant traffic to your website or build links that will eventually lead to better results in search engines.

One of the most difficult parts of distributing the content you create is the required outreach to content publishers. Many fail here because they treat the process with shallowness. But, like any popular strategy, content marketing will not benefit your business if you overlook the key processes involved in ensuring success. Here, I will share some key content marketing processes and tools you can use to reach out to content publishers the right way, get exposure on the best websites that cover your business niche, and take your content marketing success to the next level.

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via Lydia's Marketing & Communication Consulting, malek
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Ever wondered how to get your content out with some major publishers? Here are some very specific guidelines.

Lydia's Marketing & Communication Consulting's curator insight, March 24, 9:29 AM

Amen..."like any popular strategy, content marketing will not benefit your business if you overlook the key processes involved in ensuring success."

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What do we share online? This is how our brains decide!

What do we share online? This is how our brains decide! | Internet Presence |
Studies show that four basic emotions combine to create our experiences. Here's what that means for the way content is shared online.

Every day it seems like we feel hundreds of different emotions, each nuanced and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in.

According to science, it’s not that complicated by a long shot. A new study says we’re really only capable of four “basic” emotions: happy, sad, afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted.

But much like the “mother sauces” of cooking allow you to make pretty much any kind of food under the sun, these four “mother emotions” meld together in myriad ways in our brains to create our layered emotional stews.

Robert Plutchik’s famous “wheel of emotions” shows just some of the well known emotional layers.

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz's curator insight, March 19, 2:45 PM

What a terrific summary article this is about emotions in marketing. It covers not only why emotions work, the author Courtney Seiter also talks about WHICH emotions get shared and why.

Seiter covers happiness, sadness, fear, plus anger and the types of reactions each creates. I also like the charts and graphics she uses to make her points. 

And what I think is really cool is how she shares recent research from IPA dataBANK who validated -- once again -- that pure emotional content wins out over a combination of rational and emotional.

So check out the article. It is well done. If you want to gain mastery over crafting stories with specific emotional content, then this post will bring a lot of clarity to your work.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at 

Bart van Maanen's curator insight, March 20, 10:58 AM

Interessant artikel over waarom mensen dingen delen via internet. Zowel positieve als negatieve emoties kunnen zorgen voor het virale effect. De woede die Wilde Geert momenteel en regelmatig effectief oproept, helpt om zijn dubieuze boodschap verder te verspreiden. Daar komt waarschijnlijk ook het ontzag vandaan als mensen zeggen: "Hij durft het toch maar te zeggen'. Dat zijn mensen, Nederlanders, die hun verstand overslaan, de emotie gaat voor. MInder mensen dan maar? Dat is een heel ander pleidooi.

Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, March 20, 12:54 PM

It is an interesting article with neuroscience research involved. It is about the emotional suggestions that our brain makes leading us to share on the Internet. The challenge might be is contributions become Technique and focused on being positive in a contrived way. What does it mean in education?

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The Real Reason AdWords Isn't Working For Many Small Businesses

The Real Reason AdWords Isn't Working For Many Small Businesses | Internet Presence |

By now, you’ve probably read the New York Times piece that’s been making the rounds lately. If not, here’s the upshot: it concludes that Google AdWords isn’t practical for small businesses.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time the Gray Lady has gone after AdWords, nor is it the first time that the paid search community has responded so vigorously in its defense. The real tragedy of the latest piece isn’t that AdWords has been singled out – it’s that the Times (and the business owners it interviewed) have once again missed the point....

To read the full article, click on the title.

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Via Jeff Domansky
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

It's a big step to incorporate AdWords for a small business. It needs to be executed right. If a consultant is necessary, do it, it'll be worth the money in the long run.

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, March 6, 10:08 AM

It's not cost of Adwords, it's poor management by marketing that  leads to poor results.

Laura Brown's comment, March 6, 11:09 AM
Most people are ad blind and there are addons to block most ads from showing up at all (on the reader's web browser). I don't see how Adwords works for anyone versus finding something where you really are reaching people who are directly interested in your business or service. Google Ads and any ads online are something to play around with in your spare time.
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Infographic: LinkedIn Groups for Sales Success

Infographic: LinkedIn Groups for Sales Success | Internet Presence |
LinkedIn has long been a solid source for business to business marketers and sales departments to find and connect with their prospects and customers. It’s also a great platform to include in your content strategies.

Click on the Infographic to see it in more detail.

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Via Rami Kantari, Brian Yanish -
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Linkedin is the world of business. You can make of it whatever you want. I created a group called 'Investing in Renewable Energy' a few years ago. There are almost 8000 members now. Feel free to join:

aanve's curator insight, February 23, 9:54 PM


BlairEvanBall's curator insight, February 24, 1:04 PM

LinkedIn can be a powerful way to reach your B2B audience with Groups. However, groups have grown from 200k to 1.89 million today. Be clear, be focused to cut through the digital noise.

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Scheduling Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide

Scheduling Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide | Internet Presence |
Whether for your personal profile or your brand page, the desire and question of how to schedule Google Plus posts is one that comes up daily, yet the answers aren't obvious. Here are ALL of your options.

First, can we all agree that not everyone uses Social Media the same way? Some of us are on Facebook and Twitter and Google+ just to have fun, while others are there for specific purposes, like establishing a brand. And within those segments, there are still countless ways to utilize the platforms, from consuming to creating to communicating to curating and more.

But another general idea that I think we can all agree on is that sometimes, nearly all of us will have a need to be able to schedule our activity on the network. Perhaps as an individual, you’ve found 2 - 3 or more articles you want to share, but you don’t want to spam them all out at the same time. Or perhaps as a business, you have time early in the morning to get online and create some social media activity for your brand, but want to make sure that your message goes out when it’s better for your actual audience.

To read the full article, click on the title.

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Via Mike Allton
Mike Allton's curator insight, February 8, 11:25 AM

How to Schedule Google+ Posts, The Complete Guide

Scheduling posts and activity to Google+ is one of the most common questions, probably because everyone wants to be able to do it at one time or another, and of course Google+ offers no such option built-in.

But to complicate matters more, the array of third-party tools that are available aren't all the same. Essentially, some support personal profiles, while others only support brand pages.

While there isn't yet a single tool to rule them all, I can offer you a complete comparison of the free tools and techniques, some additional paid social media management tools that make for great options, and even debunk a few myths and legends that really don't work at all.

Learn more: 

Of all the tools available, is there one that you rely on the most? Are there any that I've completely missed and need to review pronto?

Thanks! And if this is a hot topic for you, please share and bookmark as I will be keeping this post updated as options develop.

#Google+ #GooglePlus  #GooglePlusTips #EvanG+

Claudia Beggiato's curator insight, February 11, 7:15 AM

It's a complete explanation of how to set up Google+ scheluled posts and all tools available. Very Very Interesting

Bill Gassett's curator insight, February 12, 9:37 PM

Do you want to know how to share your posts onto your business pages at Google Plus? Take a look at Mike Alton's excellent article on the ways to do so!

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Master Social Media Marketing for Startups in Under 4 Hours [Infographic]

Master Social Media Marketing for Startups in Under 4 Hours [Infographic] | Internet Presence |
Social media, if used properly, is one of the best marketing channels and a powerful tool for the customer acquisition. The amount of blog posts written about social media and entire blogs dedicated …

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Via massimo facchinetti
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MInd boggling numbers, and a whole lot of information.

malek's curator insight, August 25, 7:59 AM

 A bunch of the most successful  startups are actively using social media  to gain an edge.Instead of shelling out millions of dollars for a Super Bowl ad, these small companies fight to generate buzz by creating viral content and encouraging shares and likes.

Once a product or service becomes the one everyone is talking about, customers gravitate toward it, eager to learn more.

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4 Easy Tricks to Personalize Your Marketing Strategy

4 Easy Tricks to Personalize Your Marketing Strategy | Internet Presence |

As a seasoned marketer, you’re well-aware of the need to ‘reach the right audiences at the right time with the right message.’ You’ve heard this expression over and over — so we won’t belabor the point.

You already know why you need to do it. The problem is that you’re part of a small team and that there are only 24 hours in a day. Presumably (read: hopefully), you spend some of that time sleeping and having fun.

You need an arsenal of high-impact tactics — stuff that’s creative, easy to implement, and pilot-tested by others in your field. That’s where this blog post comes in — to give you some quick, ready-to-execute ideas.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Thomas Faltin
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Excellent ideas to increase the impact of your marketing.

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4 Technology Trends Disrupting How We Communicate

4 Technology Trends Disrupting How We Communicate | Internet Presence |

As much as I love to get out and do public speaking, running a business can make it really hard to find the time to travel, deliver a presentation and keep up with the day to day operations. Especially without worrying about what you may be missing back at the office.

However, tomorrow I will be heading off to deliver a new presentation on technology disruption to a crowd of primarily B2B IT executives and as I prepared a presentation on disruption I couldn’t help but think of the irony.

The focus of the presentation is set to be on how technology isn’t just disruptive, but it is changing the way we communicate. In a world where our technology is so pervasive that we spend most of our time looking like this…

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via Jesús Hernández
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Even though this is all obvious, it's good to stop and take a look.

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How to Create Visual Content with this Simple, Dirt Cheap Tool

How to Create Visual Content with this Simple, Dirt Cheap Tool | Internet Presence |

Working with Canva.Canva is a simplified and streamlined, online-only image creation tool that gives even non-designers the ability to quickly and easily create simple yet attractive images.

Out with the old

Historically, the best visual content had to be created by highly skilled professionals. Image design required the use of massively complex suites of tools that had virtually unlimited options and features, but steep learning curves. This was great for the most imaginative of visual artists, but for the rest of us design mortals, the concept of unfettered freedom often paralyzed our productivity: There were just too many options, too many tools to master, and too many possible directions we could go in. Inevitably, we would get bogged down in the decision process and fail to move into the actual creation phase.

In with the new

Thankfully, a new class of tools is emerging that offers a simpler, leaner approach to creating visual content. While these tools still enable marketers to design compelling and powerful visual content, they streamline the creation process and set tighter parameters so creators don’t get as overwhelmed.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Stefano Principato
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Looks like a great new tool. Ready to try it.

Stefano Principato's curator insight, May 6, 10:05 AM

 Canva provides a simplified yet rewarding experience that makes great visual content design accessible to more people.

malek's curator insight, May 6, 11:06 AM

Give Canva a try

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Lean Startups: 10 Ways To Use Social Media To Crowd Source Marketing - Jeffbullas's Blog

Lean Startups: 10 Ways To Use Social Media To Crowd Source Marketing - Jeffbullas's Blog | Internet Presence |
Marketers are always trying to finding ways to create viral conversations with social media. Here are 10 tips to tap the power of crowd sourced marketing.

We’ve always trusted family and friends for recommendations. Marketers are finding ways to combine this age old referral process with social media. It’s also called crowd sourced marketing. This is where the social media “crowd”, shares your content and conversations for free on a global web.

According to a report by Nielsen, 77 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. Use these social media tactics to reach prospects through digital “world of mouth”. This will amplify your leads, prospects and sales by tapping into the power of the online crowd.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Via Thomas Faltin, Martin (Marty) Smith
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Referrers are your best sales people. Another great article from Jeff Bullas.

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, April 30, 6:48 PM

It is possible to crowdsource virtually everything you do, think, or are thinking about. It takes TIME and the right tools, but benefits are huge and line up well with Lean Startup ideas.

Jeremy Barton's curator insight, May 1, 5:29 AM

An interesting statistic that 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when they hear about it from friends or family.

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10 Tips to Get More Fans for Your Site

Here are a few tips that have helped site owners grow the community around their content.

Content publishers all have the same goal in mind when it comes to building their website: get more followers! If done correctly, more followers can mean more loyal visitors and brand advocates of your site and content. Here are a few tips that have helped site owners grow the community around their content.

To read the full article, click on the title or image.

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

AddThis is a great site providing great tools, like 'Sharing' buttons. Good article on how to get your content out there.

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Exclusive: Why Engagement Matters Online @MarkTraphagen, Stone Temple Consulting via @CrowdFunde

Exclusive: Why Engagement Matters Online @MarkTraphagen, Stone Temple Consulting via @CrowdFunde | Internet Presence |

We were lucky enough to have our friend Mark Traphagen stop by today. Mark is a Senior Director of Online Marketing for Stone Temple Consulting and is currently standing hip-deep at the confluence of search and social on the web.

We asked Mark, “Why creating an engaged community around a brand is so important?” You can watch the video at the bottom of the post and read along with Mark’s brilliant assessment starting right here.


One of the most fascinating things that’s happening right now on the web, in search, is that they’re actually trying to learn how real humans interact and then reward that kind of activity.

They’ve realized that just relying on links and keywords as signals will only take you so far.

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Don't we all need more of that? After getting everything lined up, is there still time for social interaction?

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The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tactics: More Than 35 Ideas

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tactics: More Than 35 Ideas | Internet Presence |

Distributing information about your business in a way that viewers will find valuable — helpful and relevant to their business — is the definition of content marketing. The goal is to create relationships by building trust in your company, boosting your credibility and enhancing your “go-to expert” status. There are numerous ways to distribute content: digitally, in print and in-person. The methods or media you choose will depend on your audience (what channels they access), your budget (the time and money resources available), and your inclination (it’s not an easy undertaking but, done well, can be extremely successful).

Here’s an extensive list of ways to utilize content marketing to tell your “brand story”:

To read the full article, click on the title.

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Via Stefano Principato, massimo facchinetti, malek
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Great list of just about everything you can do to get the word out. Any others?

Stefano Principato's curator insight, April 2, 5:55 AM

Here’s an extensive list of ways to utilize content marketing to tell your “brand story”.

maja's curator insight, April 3, 3:13 AM

os cuento que acaban de sacar la ultima lista de marketing .>) #2014ubu 

Therese Torris's curator insight, April 3, 3:37 AM

A laundry list of everything you could ever do in content marketing

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Why You Have Been Thinking of Social All Wrong - How Social Media Supports SEO

Why You Have Been Thinking of Social All Wrong - How Social Media Supports SEO | Internet Presence |
Social media was not intended to be a soapbox for businesses to talk about themselves. Consumers don't owe your brand anything. They don't have to share your content, they don't have to interact with posts and they certainly don't have to suggest your page to other people.

In the context of business, it is time to change the way you think about social media.

We must begin viewing social media as a long term investment. Companies need to see the value of customer sentiment and brand loyalty by way of regular interaction and genuine humility. And so many companies overlook the value of social media as they pertain to search engine optimization.

Once upon a time, links held the most clout when determining the relevancy and authority of any given webpage. And for a while, that made sense. But as time went on, and SEO pros found ways to game the system and circumvent the policies and protocols set forth by search engines, the system lagged.

Now, think of your social media activity as the truest indicator of the strength of any given webpage. If you share an article, video or infographic from your personal Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account, search engines will find that content to be relevant to you and worthy of being shared. These social signals are, in essence, the same as a quality backlink in SEO terms of old.

To read the full article, click on the image or title.

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Via John van den Brink, malek
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Of course great content is key to what happens with your social media. And if you don't produce is, curate it.

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, March 19, 5:02 PM
This is another GREAT Marketing Revolution Scoop by @John van den Brink. Thanks JvdB. Marty
bill grishaw's curator insight, March 19, 6:36 PM

fall in love, play the game!!! #contentmarketing2014 #shoshin #billgrishaw

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Infographic: How to Make a Viral Video

Infographic: How to Make a Viral Video | Internet Presence |
Making a viral video takes time and effort, and a few more secret ingredients. Here's all you need to know to make sure your videos go viral.

If you want your video to reach as many people as possible, you need to create something that will go viral. It isn’t just a matter of creating a video, posting it on YouTube, and hoping it gets viewed. Nothing is ever that simple.

Viral video has become more than just the usual funny cat or baby video. Companies have turned to creating viral videos as a way to advertise clothes without creating an expensive commercial. Movies have put out short YouTube videos as a viral marketing technique. Jimmy Kimmel released several videos that brought attention to his show once viewers realized who created them.

If you are looking to promote yourself or a product or service, there are ways to ensure your video goes viral.

Click on title or image to see the full article.

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Via Brian Yanish -
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Great overview of how to put together a great video.

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75 Resources for Writing Incredible Copy that Converts | KISSmetrics

75 Resources for Writing Incredible Copy that Converts | KISSmetrics | Internet Presence |

Excerpt from the article by KISSmetrics:
"Writing great copy is one of the most useful skills a marketer can develop. After all, copy is a key element of successful internet marketing across the board, from emails with sky-high open rates to blog posts that get shared hundreds or even thousands of times.

Masterful copywriting plays a big part in the difference between a website that converts like crazy and one that simply falls flat, failing to engage potential customers.

This resource guide provides links that will give you a strong foundation for writing great web copy.
Here are the main sections of the article:

  • E-books, Articles, Infographics, and Guides to Get You Started with Web Copywriting;
  • Must-Read Books on Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting;
  • Copywriting Courses;
  • The Best Websites and Blogs about Copywriting;
  • How to Write Amazing Headlines;
  • How to Write Phenomenal CTAs (Call to Actions);
  • SEO Copywriting – How-To’s, Tips, and Best Practices;
  • How to Write E-commerce Copy that Sells;
  • Conversion Copywriting and Landing Pages;

These 75 resources should be enough to get you started on your way to becoming a web copy samurai..."

Each section is analyzed with detailed resources and and external links. Read full original article:

Get your Free Business Plan Template here:

Via Giuseppe Mauriello
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Great resource, take advantage of it.

Here are a few more: this information is from SBI/Sitesell, an organization teaching people how to set up their own websites and do it right! They work with the principle of CTPM, which means Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell, Monetize. Tens of thousands of regular people, meaning no IT experts, have set up their sites and chosen their niche. There are many success stories. I for one started a little over a year ago and I have a site now with more than 400 visitors daily! I had no clue how any of this worked before.

Now here is the link to some free e-books that SBI gives away as an introduction. At the same link you see also some ways to try out some of the SBI tools. The links are in part 2, so scroll down a bit and you’ll see a grid with free ebooks. Those have everything you need to learn about copywriting and also marketing online. Incredible resource.

Let me know if this works for you!

PS: I added this as a comment to the article.

Jose Gonzalez's curator insight, February 24, 11:00 PM

Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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How to Increase Your Google+ Engagement by 281%

How to Increase Your Google+ Engagement by 281% | Internet Presence |

"If you are limited to the amount of time you can spend on Google+, I recommend that you focus your efforts on the following:


Authorship – by following these steps, you can add an image next to your search listings.Videos – by sharing videos related to your business, you can roughly get 28.6% more engagement.Ask questions – you will get more comments if you ask engaging questions. These questions could be related to your business, the industry your are in or anything else that your friends might like.Post on Friday – there are a lot of people on Google+ on Fridays from 11 am to 2 pm"

To read the full article, click on the title.

Get your Free Business Plan Template here:


Via Antonino Militello, malek, massimo facchinetti
Marc Kneepkens's insight:

Some good numbers showing the importance of Google+.

Also a few good pointers (and a sales pitch from Neil Patel from Quicksprout).

Rich Rawdin's curator insight, February 17, 8:36 AM
This is a great article. Tons of information which I am going to try to figure out how to implement on Google +
Nacho Vega's curator insight, February 17, 5:02 PM

"Increase your organic traffic by up to 150%"

2DiFore Marketing Solutions's curator insight, February 21, 8:22 AM

Are you shy about using Google+ to increase your engagement, think again! Don't forget to use Google Hangout, it is more reliable than Skype!