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What do most small-to-medium businesses do when they try something new?

Generally, they fail to set clear objectives for reaching their goals. They fail to plan and as Winston Churchill said “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

As a business owner, you should start by understanding what you are trying to achieve and why. It’s important to ask yourself whether everything you do  moves you closer to your goals. If you are doing something that doesn’t then why do it? There are some things in business we can’t avoid (like bookwork), but it is vital that we think critically about everything we do.

Your digital activity is no different. Every business needs to ask why they are doing this? There must be a reason. A clear objective is essential to the success of the digital strategy.

Before you decide what your digital objectives are, look at your business plan (you do have one, don’t you?). What goals have you set? Are you achieving your current objectives?

Having a business plan reminds you why you are in business and what you are trying to achieve. Without a business plan, you will be playing hit and miss with anything you do, including your digital activity.

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