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Blogging for business tips is a method used in social media and content marketing that utilizes the power of community in order to create multidimensional blog posts. Today I am going to share some incredible tips with you on how to get this right in the New Year, so that you can gain more traffic, readers and brand advocates for your small business.

Crowdsourced blogging is when you invite members of your community to contribute ideas, concepts or quotes in the comment section – that you will later turn into a high value blog post. Different voices and perspectives can make for amazing information for your blog.

Leveraging The Power of The Crowd in 2014

By now, you should have several different social communities huddled around your brand online. Your blog community, Facebook community – Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest communities are all existing assets that you can convert into great content for your blog.

Here’s how to get your readers contributing content for your blog next year!

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