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"The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) has grown considerably over the years, a reflection of the increasing use of GPU processing. For the vfx and production community, this tech is has become an incredibly important part of the process — one could argue critical part —  and its why fxguide is covering the event.


This holds especially true for NVIDIA GPUs, being widely adopted across numerous industries. In 2008, there were 100 million installed CUDA GPUs and 150,000 CUDA programming kit downloads. Today, there are over 430 million installed CUDA GPUs and 1.6 million downloads of CUDA


The conference itself has also grown in size and scope, with tracks in industries from design to medical, entertainment & media to finance. This is a high level professional conference for anything NVIDIA GPU. The second day of the conference opened today in San Jose with a keynote by Jen-Hsun Huang, Co-Founder, President and CEO of NVIDIA. There were several items of interest to the vfx and production community, including key demos and major product announcements."



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