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Posted by Sasha Cohen on March 13, 2013 • 

"This month marks the unveiling of our new website (www.apertus.org). Come in and explore the next stage of the Apertus (r)evolution. Everything has been organised into neater sections and sub-categories. For instance, if you would like to participate on an Apertus subproject, you can now select the “Participate” heading and click on “Contribute to the Project” (http://www.apertus.org/contribute) or “List of Projects” (http://www.apertus.org/views/projects), etc and see everything  laid out clearly before you.

The redesign was no mean feat, accomplished by numerous members of the Apertus team spread across four continents. (Our team profiles are now available at: http://www.apertus.org/team, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see where we’re located). But enough said about all of this, we won’t mention any more details. Instead, we recommend you go and check out the new site for yourself."


Kind Regards,

The Apertus Team



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