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1960 to 2030, connected to internet!
Curated by Jimi Paradise
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OJR gets reboot: Social gets the boots | The PR Coach

OJR gets reboot: Social gets the boots | The PR Coach | WEBOLUTION! | Scoop.it

The Online Journalism Review(OJR) has always been a valuable resource for insight into the transition from traditional into digital journalism.


It’s ironic their website relaunch suffers some of the same challenges as traditional media moving to digital....



I like the new look and several of the new features. What’s baffling is the lack of social media best practices for this “online” journalism review.


What’s missing?...

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, March 26, 2013 6:15 PM

Fresh new look without social engagement and currency so far.

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The Formula Behind Facebook Engagement [infographic]

The Formula Behind Facebook Engagement [infographic] | WEBOLUTION! | Scoop.it

A constant challenge for Internet marketers targeting Facebook has been gaining engagement. Generally brands and page admins have defined engagement as things such as likes, shares, and comments, but more importantly to gain reputation with Facebook’s algorithm.

This infographic created by SocialMouths and American Express OPEN illustrates ways to help make a Facebook page’s post a bit more popular through optimization of post elements such as short posts, the use of emoticons, the best times to post, and contest ideas...

Via Lauren Moss, Firas Ghunaim, Khaled El Ahmad, Salah ALhaj Ahmed
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The 5 Types of Social Followers that Every Business Needs [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 5 Types of Social Followers that Every Business Needs [INFOGRAPHIC] | WEBOLUTION! | Scoop.it

When you’re a brand establishing yourself on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, in the very early days you’re usually less concerned about who is following you and more about how many...

It’s superficial, of course, but large numbers of followers on Twitter and Likes on your Facebook Page do have provide a level of social proof that makes you more attractive to new followers, and new Likes – when someone sees that you’re already popular, they’re far more likely to make the leap and get on board themselves.

But for businesses looking to maximize the ROI of their social media strategy, how many is always far, far less important than who. Pretty soon you realise that a big number is meaningless unless it’s actually converting into brand awareness, website footfall and sales – so who should you be looking to attract?

Early adopters, social sharers and power-users are all pivotal in helping your brand reach critical max, but they’re not alone. Indeed, lurkers and even haters can become powerful influencers if you take the time to engage and inspire them.

This infographic takes a look at the five types of social follower that every business needs...

Via Lauren Moss, michel verstrepen
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