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Redes sociales en WordPress - Bitelia

Redes sociales en WordPress - Bitelia | WEBOLUTION! | Scoop.it

"WordPress ofrece funcionalidades interesantes , o, mejor dicho, le ofrece a nuestros usuarios, es Multi Post, que permite que el usuario pueda compartir en la red social de preferencia,..."

Via Fernando Gabriel Gutiérrez, Soledad Vicente
Soledad Vicente's curator insight, January 11, 2013 1:46 PM

Para mejorar nuestra experiencia en WorPress y la seguridad de nuestro blog. 

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7 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners

7 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners | WEBOLUTION! | Scoop.it

Whether you're new to WordPress or a seasoned pro, you need to make sure you're implementing these 7 techniques to get the results you want from your site. [note]


Raise your hand if this sounds familiar …


You meet someone and they say all the right things. They’re full of compliments and accolades.


Except, something bugs you about them. Their words don’t quite match their actions. They can be forgetful, and even mean. Eventually, the glow wears off, and you see them for who they really are.


It’s not what people say, it’s what they do that makes a relationship work.


And that’s how it is with your WordPress website, especially if you’re just getting started.


That’s because you can’t just talk about how great WordPress is and expect it to work for you. You can’t just read about it, either.


Read more: http://www.copyblogger.com/new-to-wordpress/

Via Martin Gysler, Mithuhassan
hrmanager-UAE's comment, February 16, 2012 5:24 AM
best guide
Martin Gysler's comment, February 17, 2012 4:43 AM
What you mean with "best guide" Hossam?