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Excerpt from review article by TechCrunch:
"For many developers, Googling code snippets is just part of their everyday routines. Those snippets, however, are spread all over the web. The co-founders behind Runnable, saw this in their own work at Amazon and hosting companies and decided to build what they call a “YouTube of Code” – a site that allows users to discover code snippets and edit and run the code right on their sites.

What’s happening then is that, for many developers, coding is slowly becoming more about gluing together existing parts than creating something entirely from scratch. Nobody, however, has made the process of discovering code snippets really easy.

On Runnable, the six-person team has aggregated code snippets in languages ranging from PHP to Node.js, Python, JavaScript, ASP.NET and Ruby on Rail (as well as some of their frameworks) from a range of reputable sources.
The idea is to make publishing code on Runnable as easy as writing a blog post on Medium.

Besides the languages themselves, the team is also focusing on APIs and on how to use products like MySQL, MongoDB, redis and similar frontend and backend services.

One of the coolest features of Runnable, by the way, is that you can edit the code and test it right on the site..."

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