Internet 2013
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Internet 2013
Foreign and second language teachers exploring the web (first in 2012, now in 2013), mulling the integration of technology, musing on how that relates to language learning and teaching, plus our own professional development as educators.
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Portfolio Asessment

Portfolio Asessment | Internet 2013 |

"Welcome to the NCLRC's Portfolio Asessment website. This is a work in progress. This site is meant to introduce teachers to the modules of Portfolio Assessment. Many of the texts to these modules are available. Click here to have a look at them."

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Deanna Bradford's curator insight, January 18, 2013 2:40 PM

About portfolio assessment

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Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for language learning & language teachers

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for language learning & language teachers | Internet 2013 |

The goal of the RIA project is to create tools that are informed by language acquisition research, and engage language learners in active learning.


RIAs are Tools: The RIA programs should be used as tools. There is no content in them, there is only functionality.The same tool can be used by an advanced Spanish teacher, an introductory Japanese teacher, and a remedial ESL teacher.


In the same vein, the same tool can be used to support a variety of language teaching methodologies. One teacher might want to use the interactive exercise creator SMILE to build grammar-translation quizzes. Another might want to have students work together in teams to create games, for the whole class to play together later. The tool simply provides the interactivity. How it is used is up to the teacher.

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