International project management
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Rolls-Royce see benefit of project manager Apprentices

Rolls-Royce see benefit of project manager Apprentices | International project management |
Rolls-Royce has reviewed their pipeline of talent into project management roles and realises the benefits of having a dedicated Apprenticeship scheme that will
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Learning to Manage Global Innovation Projects

Learning to Manage Global Innovation Projects | International project management |

For most of the twentieth century the story of innovation was largely one of co-location – innovation took place in one country, albeit at different locations, but where people shared the same context and culture. But this can no longer remain the case, as the knowledge and skills needed for innovation are becoming increasingly scattered around the world. Today, lead customers, technologies and capabilities are just as likely to be found in emerging markets as they are in Japan, the United States or Western Europe. To remain competitive, companies need to learn how to leverage this dispersed knowledge. In other words, innovation has to become a globally integrated activity.

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The Learning Factor's curator insight, May 13, 2013 4:37 PM

As the trend toward knowledge dispersion grows and intensifies, the opportunities for co-located innovation will recede further in favour of a globally integrated approach. Being able to set up and manage global projects to replicate the benefits of co-location while leveraging dispersed knowledge will be paramount to building and maintaining competitive advantage. Readers will learn how to accomplish this goal.