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Change the story in your organisation

Change the story in your organisation | The Internal Communications ToolBox |

Change to circumstances, adapting to new roles, new responsibilities, new operations require a shift in the internal stories that are told within an organisation.

It is the stories that both define and measure corporate engagement and not the new policy manual.

Following are 19 ideas you might like to think about in considering transition, change and internal communication that will ( possibly) generate a new set of stories.

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Telling your organisational story

Telling your organisational story | The Internal Communications ToolBox |
Internal Communications can be defined in a number of ways; but the primary objective of the function should be to share your organisational narrative with employees, and facilitate and encourage c...

I like this article about internal organizational story sharing because it is all about focusing on listening to, and validating, the voices of your staff. So often companies forget that organizational storytelling is not just simply telling your story to the outside world. It is also about carefully nurturing, crafting, and sharing the stories being told within your organization.

There are good insights and tips in this article that will give you solid ideas of what you can do to get started immediately.

Via Karen Dietz
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