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A review and data-findings from the webinar put together by Melcrum and Newsweaver titled, "Measuring and benchmarking internal communications."

Channels you use as part of your IC strategy

#1 - email

#2 - intranet

#3 - leadership communication F2F

Tools communicators plan to use

#1 - social networking

#2 - blogs

#3 - webcasts


Channels most effective as part of an IC strategy

(author questions if this is time spent on these channels or effectiveness)

#1 - intranet

#2 - email

#3 - F2F


The use of newsletters is declining. But a format showcased from Aon Hewitt is using a format that could be used in various channels.  They use an icon-based system for signaling to employees not just the urgency of the content but who the audience is for that content.  If employees trust the level of prioritization, it could work across multiple platforms.

As for benchmarking, the average open rate for internal emails is 52%.  But is that good?  If you get a 55% open rate then you are doing better than the average, but it still means that close to half the company isn't reading the communication you are sending.

Via Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose)