DOING DRUGS WITH PAUL DILLON: 'Synthetic drugs', 'research chemicals' and 'legal highs': What are we really talking about here? | Woodbury Reports Review of News and Opinion Relating To Struggling Teens |
 As far as I see it there are four main issues that we should be looking at here:
  • the rise in interest in hallucinogens (LSD, 'acid', 'trips', mushrooms, DMT, etc) by school-based young people and the belief by a growing number of adolescents that these are 'risk-free'
  • a growing number of 'research chemicals' being developed, packaged and sold as 'legal highs', with little, if any information available on the potential negative effects of use
  • some young people believing that because of their apparent legal status this means that these 'legal highs'  are 'safe'  - i.e., 'legal means safe' 
  • some of these 'research chemicals' being sold as LSD, i.e., users buying trips believing they contain LSD but they are being 'adulterated' with other substances

Via Claudio Vidal Giné, St. Jude Retreats