Nothing New: Storytelling and Social Media -- a new book that sounds really interesting | Interesting Reading |
In high school English, I was taught  there are only three stories in this world: Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Man and Man vs. Self. That's it. Three plot lines that explain every tale in the world, fictitious and real.

This book looks like a winner because it has identified long-standing success principles that are still valid today. And then give the reader focused steps (so they promise) for making their content creation really work to attract new customers.

As the authors Muahmmad Yasin and Ryan Brock say, "Sure, social media is a new tool–its form is new. But the content is as old as the hills, using marketing principles that stretch back to the time of Cesar Augustus, one of the canniest propagandists who ever lived."

This does not mean there is nothing new to write. But the authors suggest we need to focus more on content creative quality than the sheer numbers of quantity in order to stand out.

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