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by Ivano Abbadessa - 10.21.2013 Share on Tumblr


Historic French chauvinism against the English is fading. In fact, it is clear in France that nowadays, if you do not speak the language of Shakespeare, you are not going anywhere.


Original ideas are being tried out, such as the one fielded by the railway operator SNCF that will offer English courses on board their trains.


The lessons are aimed at daily commuters as they travel from the French countryside to Paris. They will be held in a special carriage converted into a classroom. This may not be the ideal learning environment, but preferable to many cramped language classrooms, and cheaper than the average cost of English courses.


The idea is the result of an English-speaking teacher who has lived in France for many years and who suggested it to the French national railways who expressed keen interest. At present the service is only available on some routes around the capital. But given the considerable interest of the public, it may be extended to other train lines.