RUST: TEACHING POETRY, PHOTOGRAPHY AND GRAPHIC NOVELS TO MEET COMMON CORE STATE STANDARD | Interesting Reading to learn English -intermediate - advanced (B1, B2, C1,) |

"A review of Rust by Royden Lepp - a graphic novel that have been rated appropriate reading for all ages - ..They will be enjoyed by readers Grade 4 through adult.


While younger readers will easily focus on Roman and Oswald his younger brother along with their responsibilities to their farm and family, and their relationship with Jet Jones,  older readers will comprehend the larger issues of artificial intelligence, and drone warfare."


"Overall impressions: Both volumes are brilliantly illustrated in sepia tone which gives the story a Dust Bowl and post World War I feeling and both are in hardcover.  Both tell a compelling story of discovery, war, responsibility, and empowerment. Both really make you think about the characters, their stories, and the challenges of "coming of age."

And, while both books open up with war scenes between jet-propelled 'boys,' large 30-foot mechanical drone monstrosities, and men; and while both contain a super-hero aspect, the story is more about family than about war, robots, or superheroes. In both books, Roman (and......."


There are subplots:....

Via Meryl Jaffe, PhD