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Fed up with the restrictions at his conventional school, 10-year-old Scott Gray convinced his parents to transfer him to one where children control their own education.


Kathleen McClaskey's insight:

"The Sudbury Valley School  — a “democratic school” where children are involved in setting and enforcing the rules of behavior, and are free to decide what to do with their time — had been around since the 1960s. So Gray, based at nearby Boston College, began his exploration by surveying its graduates to assess what happens to kids after they leave such a low-pressure learning environment.


“The school totally violates our cultural beliefs about what children need to do to become educated,” he says. “They’re free to play and explore. Yet kids from a variety of backgrounds and personalities seemed to do well there.” The survey revealed that its graduates had had no difficulty pursuing higher education and careers that interested them, and almost all reported feeling better prepared for adult life than if they had attended a conventional school. Says Gray: “That first study convinced me that the school works.”


Gray has authored a book "Free to Learn" on his experiences and research of the graduates of the Sudbury Valley School."

Via Kathleen McClaskey