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The EUROCLIO programme Historiana™ - Your Portal to the Past is an on-line educational multimedia tool that offers students multi-perspective, cross-border and comparative historical sources to supplement their national history textbooks.
 Historiana™ might be considered as a digital alternative to a European textbook, however the website does not attempt to present a comprehensive ‘story of Europe’ and its relationship with the rest of the world. It offers a framework for comparing and contrasting the impact on and responses by Europe’s nations to a range of different events and developments which have shaped the world from the distant past to modern times.
 Historiana™ promotes the acquisition of cross-border historical knowledge and the development of critical thinking, digital and other transversal competences important for preparing a young generation for active participation as citizens of the 21st Century.

 History educators and historians from more than 30 countries have actively contributed to the present on-line tool.


Recently also, educators from India, Middle East, North Africa and the United States have expressed an interest in contributing to the website.
 Historiana™ will continue to grow as more and more contributors upload suitable material.

Via Leoncio Lopez-Ocon, SILVIA VERDÚ