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Rescooped by molly hong from Teaching Empathy!

Bully-Proof your Preschooler: EMPATHY

Bully-Proof your Preschooler: EMPATHY | Interesting |

Bully-Proof your Preschooler – Part 2: EMPATHY
In our last article, Bully-Proof Your Preschooler, we featured tips and signs for helping young children deal with aggressors. Today we’ll take a look at empathy and its role in prevention.

Why empathy matters
Empathy is the ability to understand and identify with another person’s feelings. It includes regulating one’s own emotions and is central to success in social relationships. Children who are empathic are less likely to use aggression.


Empathy has to be taught
Although there is evidence that the human brain may be pre-wired for empathy, just ask a group of toddlers to share a toy and you’ll see plenty of evidence that empathy doesn’t come naturally! It has to be taught. That’s why you play a crucial role in the development of empathy skills – starting in infancy.


by Linda 

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Rescooped by molly hong from TeachingEnglish!


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