Classroom Interactions as Cross-Cultural Encounters: Native Speakers in EFL Lessons : Asian EFL Journal | intercultural exchanges + telecollaboration |

book review [excerpt]: "Current ESL/EFL pedagogy is aimed at providing English learners with both linguistic and sociocultural competencies (Savignon & Sysoyev, 2002). Luk and Lin s Classroom interactions as cross-cultural encounters meets this expectation. As part of the EST & Applied Linguistics Professional Series aimed at to helping TESOL professionals and policy makers better understand dialogic intercultural communication theoretically and empirically, this 10 chapter volume addresses a range of issues.


Chapter 1 presents the authors socio-cultural and English learning backgrounds. Through personal anecdotes, the authors depict how cross-cultural encounters with English users from different socio-cultural backgrounds have shaped the authors perceptions and attitudes toward English learning and teaching. In addition, the authors inform readers that the empirical data that the book is based on are primarily from ethnographic approaches and case studies."

Via Haley Berl