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Twitter Basics for Students

Twitter Basics for Students | Interactive Teaching and Learning |
Have you heard of Twitter? Do you like to tweet? Most likely you’ve utilized social networking websites such as Facebook. So why would you consider using Twitter?


To enhance and increase connections with classmates – and potentially your instructors, as you may not find it easy to network with students on other sites and it is very unlikely that your instructors will appear on your friends list. What if I told you that this can help you develop an academic network and support system?


===> By the end of this post I believe you will want to give it a try and more importantly, you’ll likely find it can be an effective personal learning network. <===


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4 Social Media Trends To Watch in 2012

4 Social Media Trends To Watch in 2012 | Interactive Teaching and Learning |

This piece was written by Beverly Macy for The Huffington Post


2012 is the year companies will move from social media to social business. Every department is affected by social technologies. Did you know that even if your company never sends a Tweet, you could be using Twitter for competitive and business intelligence? The same is true with Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Here's what you need to know:


The 4 social enterprise trends in 2012:


**The Power of Real-Time Harnessing Chaos


**The Global Social Brain - It's Everywhere & It's Getting Really Smart


****2012 will see a growing body of social metadata that will spur better analytics and measurement.


****Competitive advantage will go to those who know how to turn this metadata into actional business intelligence.


**Content Curation & Discovery - Just Give Me What's Important & Let Me Find What I Need


**Social Media Education - The Enterprise Goes To School

See the full article here:


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What a fantastic article, love it!
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Turn Your School Staff Into A Powerful Twitter Team

Turn Your School Staff Into A Powerful Twitter Team | Interactive Teaching and Learning |

"Chances are if you are reading this article, you are familiar with Twitter. In fact, it is quite possible that you even found this article through your extensive and knowledgeable Twitter network. Congratulations, you are part of a community that is not only revolutionizing education, but also revolutionizing news, journalism, emergency services, marketing and nearly everything else. But, as with anything popular, there are the doubters. Those that quote “I don’t care what some guy had for lunch today”. Those that are mis-informed, ignorant, or just plain scared of what the Twitterverse might hold."


see Factus Learning Prezi on Twitter: Join the Conversation

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