Using the Cloud to be a Better Student | Interactive Teaching and Learning |

"My students regularly ask, "What’s the Cloud?" And I never have a really good answer for them. "It’s saving and doing stuff online," seems completely inadequate, while launching into a detailed explanation of any one or two Cloud-based services or tools doesn’t seem to cover it either. I generally end up describing a few resources that I think would be useful to that particular student. This usually seems to satisfy their curiosity, but still leaves me feeling like I have done them a disservice because the Cloud is far more than a description of any one or two of its’ pieces can do justice to."


A great list of cloud resources for students by @drjwmarquis:

1. Textbooks

2. Maths/Science/Grammar

3. Study Aids

4. Document Creation, Storage and Collaboration

5. Self-Improvement/ Self-Help

6. Career Networking