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There's a new way to teach using wordle. It involves actually withholding a bit of information and making students think a bit harder.

Pictures convey meaning in profound ways. I’ll illustrate this using a free word cloud program called www.wordle.net. Below I have a series of favorite quotes on visualization, with references. Attached I have a word cloud of the quotes (minus the source). Please read the quotes and then look to the word cloud. I ask you: which is more powerful? Which gets the point across quicker, stronger, and faster? Which would your students prefer to read?

I’ve purposely chosen different types of quotes on visualization to use in the word cloud to illustrate the cloud as it is meant to be used—to immediately and visually highlight commonalities in text. This is a powerful tool for students; I use it at the beginning of my chapter lecture notes to visually represent the material for that chapter.