Are Algorithms Conceptual Art’s Next Frontier? by Nicholas O'Brien | Interaction Design & Physical Computing |

In an essay titled What Can a Network do?,  Alexander Galloway discussed the need for humans to adopt machine-like capabilities for reading networks. Instead of treating a network as a text—as humanities scholars would want—we should instead read it as a machine would, through a process of parsing. This procedure takes data and sorts it into categories of relevance in order to create a meaningful analysis. The parsing machine par excellence is the algorithm, and it dominates much of our digital lives. In recent years, algorithms have been telling us what music to listen to, who we should date, what stocks we should buy, and even what we should eat. It comes as no surprise, then, that it should also tell us what art we should view. But what happens when the art we are looking at becomes the algorithm itself?

Via Jacques Urbanska