Inter-Facing the Archive
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Inter-Facing the Archive
Inter-Facing the Archive is about methods, concepts, artworks about interactive archives
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Scooped by Monika Fleischmann!

Newstral: Maps - Aktuelle Nachrichten auf einer Karte am Ort ihres Geschehens.

Newstral: Maps - Aktuelle Nachrichten auf einer Karte am Ort ihres Geschehens. | Inter-Facing the Archive |
Aktuelle Nachrichten auf einer Karte am Ort ihres Geschehens.
Monika Fleischmann's insight:  in Zahlen - eine kurze Bilanz für 2012.

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Energy-Passages – Words in a flow

Energie_Passagen, a media art installation in public space by Monika Fleischmann &Wolfgang Strauss, reproduces the linguistic space of the city in form of a data flow. Hundreds of catchwords taken from current newspaper reports appear in a projected »information flow« and are spoken by artificial computer voices. As soon as passers-by select individual words, thematically related networks of terms start to perform in this flow, which can also be experienced as an audiovisual echo. The text is thus detached from its linear context and staged as a medial reading in urban space. During 4 weeks all actions and the choices of newspaper – what was reported? – and people – what was of interest? – were measured. Most often people choose terms like Preis (cost), Eltern (parents), Opfer (victim), Liebe (love), Essen (food), Mädchen (girl) while the newspaper was reporting mostly about Prozent (percent), Jahre (years), Deutschland (Germany), Millionen (millions), Menschen (people), München (Munic). On the geografical map one could see who in the world is of interest and in contact with the city. Another result was that the newspaper focussed on economy and politics and reported not much about culture and even less about education. Also the influence of economy on politics and vice versa can be detected from the storaged statistical data. Online simulation and archive of


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Scooped by Monika Fleischmann!

Inter-Facing the Archive. The Media Art Portal | Exhibition at ZKM

Inter-Facing the Archive. The Media Art Portal | Exhibition at ZKM | Inter-Facing the Archive |


Inter-Facing the Archive. The Media Art Portal

Jun 23 – Febr 24, 2013. ZKM Media Lounge, Karlsruhe 


The exhibition “Inter-Facing the Archive” is Monika Fleischmann’s and Wolfgang Strauss’s artistic and scientific contribution to the Digital Archive. Using the example of the media-art platform, “Knowledge Discovery Tools” are presented which develop the Digital Media Art Archive by way of semantic knowledge maps and audio-visual data-streams.


“ and its groundbreaking interfaces create cognitive and data structures. What has been created here is a model for an international educational infrastructure that deserves imitation.” (Peter Weibel)


In most cases, that which has been concealed in digital archives is represented in lists and other index-card-like digital archives. As much as this form may be expedient for scientists, it has far less inspiring effects through the Internet, and on exhibition visitors. has been online since 2001, and offers multiple accesses to valuable sources of knowledge. One interface here comprises the rubric “Tele-Lectures” by scientists and artists. Up to 150.000 international visitors access over 200 hours of Tele-Lectures and experimental study and teaching modules per month. Over 2.500 descriptions of works, texts, pictures and videos drawn from art design, music and computer science are available in the area “Archives”, and the e-Teaching platform. With current affairs, the rubric “Media Art Research” shows, among others, the extent to which artistic work is a research activity.

.....$8059 - Video (en)


Media Flow Browser




„Ein Modell für die internationale Bildungslandschaft.“

So bezeichnet Peter Weibel die Plattform, die, seit 2001 online, seit 2007 am ZKM gehostet wird. In der Ausstellung „Inter-Facing The Archive“ setzen sich Monika Fleischmann und Wolfgang Strauss mit dem digitalen Archiv auseinander, indem sie ein neues Verfahren zur Daten-Akquise entwickelt haben und das Archiv selbst szenografisch für den Ausstellungsraum inszenieren. bietet vielfältige Zugänge zu Wissensressourcen, die inzwischen von rund 150.000 Besuchern weltweit monatlich genutzt werden. Fleischmann & Strauss, die die Plattform am Fraunhofer-Institut entwickelt haben, verwandelten mit dem „Medienfluss-Browser“ das passive Archiv in einen interaktiven Informationsfluss. Diese „Semantic Map“ wurde vom Nobelpreisträger Theodor W. Hänsch als eine der 100 wegweisenden Ideen bezeichnet, die unser Leben verändern werden.



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Medienfluss Browser


(Photo: Lisa Bergmann)



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