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Your Must-Read Marketing Technology Summaries, Curated Wednesday, 5/6/15

Today’s digests of curated articles summarized for your quick review: 

>> What is Google Analytics Cohort Analysis? Your Detailed Guide | Marketing Technology: http://sco.lt/7dmD69

>> How to Calculate Inbound Marketing ROI with Attribution Modeling - New Breed: http://sco.lt/8I9vOr

>> 5 key learnings from analyzing top B2B pricing pages - Chart Mogul: http://sco.lt/9IFg6T

>> 20+ Low Cost – Real Growth Hacking Tools | G H L: http://sco.lt/6SByfx

>> NetSuite and Microsoft Team Up in the Cloud - re/code: http://sco.lt/7zdbA9

>> Foursquare Targets Its B2B Pitch With Places And New Location Cloud – TechCrunch: http://sco.lt/7OAXzd

>> Google Enhances Its Social Capabilities With Google+ Collections – ClickZ: http://sco.lt/8LQJOb

>> 5 Best Practices for a Successful Lead Scoring Model – Pardot: http://sco.lt/7xE0Yb

>> Best CRM software: Spring 2015 report from G2 Crowd: http://sco.lt/5f0yOH

>> Email Subject Lines: The Latest Data - Marketing Charts: http://sco.lt/7qLEeX

>> 4 Ways to Get More Leads Using Marketing Automation [Infographic] – SociallyStacked: http://sco.lt/6MNCVd

>> Digital Marketing: How To Get People To Your Website - Digital Information World: http://sco.lt/5paWzB


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How to Legally Steal Cool Web Form Designs - Formstack

From blog.formstack.com

iNeoMarketing’s MarTech Managed Services solves numerous B2B Marketing challenges. Contact us to see how.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, May 7, 5:20 PM

Just be sure you're legally borrowing images. If not, the look for similar images.

5 Hashtag Tracking Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Beyond |

From www.socialmediaexaminer.com

Jaana Nyström's curator insight, April 28, 8:19 AM

Useful tips here!

Jack-Connor Hinchliffe's curator insight, April 29, 9:51 PM

These hash tag trackers are really interesting. If you use the tools in order to track over multiple websites, it would make research on topics much easier.

Your Must-Read Marketing Technology Summaries, Curated Tuesday, 4/28/15

Today’s digests of curated articles summarized for your quick review:

>> Back To The Future In Enterprise SaaS Selling – TechCrunch: http://sco.lt/8YYAld

>> Why customer personas may be an outdated marketing technique - Schaefer Marketing Solutions: http://sco.lt/7ILgQr

>> These Types of Memories Help Customers Remember You – Profs: http://sco.lt/6eFqJF

>> Analyzing the Chief Marketing Technologist – SapientNitro: http://sco.lt/6XRkEj

>> Email Marketing: Improve subject lines in 7 steps by using the right words, in the right order | MarketingExperiments Blog: http://sco.lt/8WvFon

>> Email Subject Lines That Sell – Profs: http://sco.lt/5y6gXh

>> 22 Free Content Marketing Tools To Drive Your Content Marketing Plans | B2B Marketing Insider: http://sco.lt/8nsmq9

>> Do Larger Brands Really Have It Easier With Content Marketing? [New Research] – CMI: http://sco.lt/8uYMOf

>> Sources: Amazon Plans ‘Prime For Business’, Folding AmazonSupply Into Big B2B Play – TechCrunch: http://sco.lt/9DQgXx

>> 8 Highly Reputable Resources for Compelling Marketing Stats – HubSpot: http://sco.lt/8y5WNN

>> [Infographic] What Today’s B2B Buyer Looks For When Making B2B Purchases Online - CMO.com: http://sco.lt/7zhMS9



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About Us: iNeoMarketing provides Marketing Technology services, applications and support to B2B companies who may not have the required resources, knowledge or expertise. Visit us at ineomarketing.com.

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28 social media management tools rated, scored, and reviewed (study)

From venturebeat.com

VB Insight To find the best social media management tools for big, medium, and growing brands, we surveyed 1,133 social media managers who build their companies’ brands online.
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B2B Beat: Why the Internet of Things Is Crucial for B2B Marketers

From marketing.linkedin.com

Are you sick of the Internet of Things yet? You better not be, because the IOT is only getting started, and it will be of crucial importance for B2B marketers.
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Marketing Measurement Depends on Organization & Process - Gartner

From blogs.gartner.com

iNeoMarketing executes your revenue-generating efforts with the right metrics and the appropriate reports. Contact us to learn more.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, April 26, 5:54 PM

Completely agree: get your ducks in a row before you go through your attribution process.

How to build a brand using social media - Economic Times

From economictimes.indiatimes.com

For a company, social media has proved to be a double edged sword. Use it strategically and it can be a great brand equity creator.
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Marketing Automation and the Sales-Marketing QL Gap - ITMSA

From www.itsma.com

Let iNeoMarketing create a new approach for your inbound and outbound marketing…and realize more revenue. Contact us.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, April 21, 6:43 PM

It's true: MAP raises the awareness as to how far apart Marketing and Sales are when it comes to what is a qualified lead. From ITMSA's survey on marketing technology, which you can get here($): http://www.itsma.com/research/capitalizing-marketings-new-tools-technologies/ 

GregW's curator insight, April 24, 2:36 PM

Many do, few agree.

How to Improve Your SEO With LinkedIn and SlideShare | Social Media Examiner

From www.socialmediaexaminer.com

MarTech is the New Black. Get fashionable. Contact us to see how.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, April 21, 7:19 PM

Significant amount of detail when you click through. When you get down to it, it's all about keywords and backlinks.

Customer Experience Matrix: Marketo Adds Custom Objects. It's a Big Deal. Trust Me.

From customerexperiencematrix.blogspot.com

Dark marketing clouds ahead? Let us help you see clearly. Contact us.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, April 19, 5:36 PM

He's right: it was not highlighted during last week's Marketing Nation conference, and that was a mistake. It's significant, and elevates Marketo beyond it's current competitors. Custom objects provides enterprise flexibility.

The Future Project: How Two Young Social Entrepreneurs Are Trying To Close ... - Government Technology

From www.govtech.com

Instead of focusing only on school performance, graduation rates, college matriculation and job placement, the Future Project hones in on the root of the problem: that students don't have enough motivation and lack belief in their own futures.
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Boring Brands Can Crush Social Media...And 5 Other Things You Can Learn ... - Forbes

From www.forbes.com

How many people are following your unexciting company on Twitter? Not as many as that, I’m sure. And certainly not as many as there could be. So what’s 3M’s secret? It’s more than one thing.
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'Ransomware' a Growing Threat to Small Businesses - Wall Street Journal

From www.wsj.com

More small businesses are falling victim to “ransomware,” in which malicious code locks up computer files and cybercriminals demand a ransom to free them.
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PSD to HTML: Why Your Small Business Should Care - Huffington Post

From www.huffingtonpost.com

If you're a small business owner shopping around for a website designer and taking price and aesthetics into consideration, it's important to drill down on how those website designers will handle PSD to HTML, or what is referred to as the design to...
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Why CEOs Say Yes to Marketing Automation - Marketing Action Blog - Act-On

From blog.act-on.com

iNeoMarketing’s MarTech Managed Services drives more leads faster. Contact us to see how.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, April 9, 8:15 AM

Here are the real reasons why CEOs say yes to MA: (1) It generates revenue (not just spurs it along); and (2) It offers accountability.

Your Latest Marketing Technology News, Summarized Friday, 4/10/15

Today’s digests of curated articles summarized for your quick review:

>> The DNA of a Successful Customer Experience – FutureLab: http://sco.lt/50VGTJ

>> Preference Management Myths and Truths - CMO.com: http://sco.lt/8bkmH3

>> A/B Testing: What choices does your content really influence? | MarketingExperiments: http://sco.lt/6AEXNx

>> The Most Common Mistake People Make In Calculating ROI – HBR: http://sco.lt/93lp9l

>> The Truth About Lifecycle Marketing Automation – Relevance: http://sco.lt/5EgMlN

>> [FREE] 2015 Survey Report: The State of Marketing Automation Maturity: http://sco.lt/8pE9mz

>> How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data] – HubSpot: http://sco.lt/561bIP

>> Why you need a dynamic buyer-journey funnel | BrightInfo: http://sco.lt/527tJ3

>> The Three Pillars Of Modern Marketing - CMO.com: http://sco.lt/7NfRCb

>> 32 Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization – Medium: http://sco.lt/8bfXHN

>> Salesforce addresses changing B2B buying cycle with new sales tools – FierceCMO: http://sco.lt/8FShOr

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About Us: iNeoMarketing provides Marketing Technology services, applications and support to B2B companies who may not have the required resources, knowledge or expertise. Visit us at ineomarketing.com.

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How Shadow IT gives CMOs more power - CIO

From www.cio.com

MarTech is the best tool available to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing. Contact us to see how.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, April 6, 8:28 PM

File this in "Be careful what you wish for." If the CMO drives the tech decisions, he/she will own it. And if you own it, you better know it cold, and have people in place that know it cold. Forget the power, and try to partner.

The Personification of Digital Marketing - Andrew Frank

From blogs.gartner.com

Suffering from MarTech FOMO? We’ve got the cure. Contact us.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, March 22, 6:59 PM

Personas useful for inbound, Personalization for outbound. Personas are NOT applicable to outbound (or shouldn't be).

Five Rules for Strategic Partnerships in a Digital World

From www.strategy-business.com

Leading companies know that the future depends on the capabilities, functions, channels, and insights they can tap by working with others.
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The Digital Transformation of Business Functions - Business 2 Community

From www.business2community.com

No one would argue with the notion that social and digital technologies are having a significant – and sometimes dramatic – impact on societies and economies. And though most people may not yet r…
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20 Must-Have Tools for Clever Marketers - Profs

From www.marketingprofs.com

Predictive Analytics is the next step in Marketing Automation. Contact us to see how.

iNeoMarketing's curator insight, March 16, 7:25 PM

An interesting way to organize these tools. It represents one way to do it, and you know there are a gazillion ways to do this. They key: actually do it! Click through for details on each tool.

#LinkedIn's Careerify deal could help your company win more battles for talent

From venturebeat.com

LinkedIn, with more than 300 million members, could become significantly more useful to companies and job seekers as a result of its acquisition of Careerify, which was announced today.
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