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Reading, Writing, Empathy: The Rise of 'Social Emotional Learning'

Reading, Writing, Empathy: The Rise of 'Social Emotional Learning' | Integrative Medicine |

Marc Brackett never liked school. “I was always bored,” he says, “and I never felt like any of my teachers really cared. I can’t think of anybody that made me feel inspired.”...


At a time of contentious debate over how to reform schools to make teachers more effective and students more successful, “social emotional learning” may be a key part of the solution. An outgrowth of the emotional intelligence framework, popularized by Daniel Goleman, SEL teaches children how to identify and manage emotions and interactions. One of the central considerations of an evolved EQ—as proponents call an “emotional quotient”—is promoting empathy, a critical and often neglected quality in our increasingly interconnected, multicultural world.



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Jem Muldoon's curator insight, February 23, 2013 2:40 PM

"But real change, Brackett says, will come from embracing SEL as a core part of the curriculum, not by parachuting into assemblies at schools trying to “solve bullying.” “Emotional literacy should be taught from womb to tomb, because the emotional challenges we meet vary as a function of our age,” he says. “You’re not going to teach a kindergartener not to alienate people, but you might point out that little Mario looks lonely. In middle school, it’s appropriate to start talking about alienation.”

ash should be taught womb to tomb.

Erin Larcey's curator insight, December 8, 2013 9:46 PM

This particular article talks about students who partake in the RULER program. It disucssess how the program can have a positive effect on students. In particular I'm interested in the teacher who had students kicking and hitting her because they were so emotionally disturbed. Part of this project has made me scared at the aspect of being left alone with pre-adolescent children. As a teacher I wonder what you do in order to prevent this or how you can avoid being in these situations. Obviously implementing such a program would help. Being aware of students' feelings just seems crutial to me. And maybe this teacher wasn't particularly open to her students, and possibly failed to create a safe environment without the guidance of RULER. I hope to never be put in such a situation but it's hard to predict. You could be in a school one day that is great and your students are wonderful and attentive, and the next have completely different kids. Kids are unpredicatble, and this is why it's so mportant to be aware of what is going on with them and why they act a certain way and help them nevigate their negative feelings without hurting themselves or others. 

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Meditation and The Art of Writing

Meditation and The Art of Writing | Integrative Medicine |

I want to tell you about an invaluable writing asset.


It’s become a non-negotiable element of my writing process, and I hope it becomes the same for you.


Writing is hard work. It’s not hard like electrical engineering (a chapter in my past life), which was a mind-numbing, sleep-depriving, hair-pulling kind of hard.


Writing is more a sweet torture, soreness-post-crazy-workout kind of hard.


You know the routine: The words get stuck. The ideas get jammed. The mind gets cluttered, and you get discouraged.

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