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Rescooped by Mae Combridge from Story and Narrative!

Social Media Storytelling: Is Advertising better than Marketing?

Social Media Storytelling: Is Advertising better than Marketing? | Integrated Marketing Communications |

Social Media is all about storytelling, or so the “guru’s” will tell you. That’s when they aren’t telling you that it’s all about relationships. Ok so I am supposed to tell stories to people so they will “like” me as a brand and that will create a relationship? Actually that is a pretty fair description of the way social media should work. It can’t be about a relationship without there first being something to attract attention. Back in the day, as people are want to say around here (Texas), we used to practice a principle called AIDA - Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. That has, for some people, fallen out of favor, but I have no idea why. It works, and it works at all levels of human interaction - which is afterall what Social Media is supposed to be about.

Via Gregg Morris
Mae Combridge's insight:

Food for thought. I do think because of the change in trends of media and technology advertising and marketing has really broadened and there is a gap in some companies because they can't keep up. But really using basic campaigns and techniques a campaign can use social media as a platform as opposed to a whole new advertising sector.

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Rescooped by Mae Combridge from Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV)!

Ultra HD: The new HDTV or the next 3DTV?

Ultra HD: The new HDTV or the next 3DTV? | Integrated Marketing Communications |


The latest Ericsson Consumer Insight Summary Report shows that after a wish for advertising-free television, consumers rate HD quality as their second big expectation for a TV service.


And when kids channels like CBeebies and CBBC from the BBC (the first of which gave the world Teletubbies) goes HD, as they are early next year, then you know the bar has been permanently raised for picture quality.


So it is hardly a surprise that so much attention is now being given to Ultra HD, which promises to take the viewing experience up another significant notch.


Via Andre Bontems
Mae Combridge's insight:

I don't like 3D tv's simply because I wear glasses and it hurts my eyes so badly, same as Imax and 3D films in the cinema's so personally I would count myself out as a consumer on this particular product. I don't think 3D has quite gotten a big enough market for them to continue to develop things like this. I think they're jumping too wide of steps and missing a few steps in between in terms of their technology developments. it's like Nokia and their android phones; they are jumping to catch up to other companies but doing it too quickly and poorly which means their products inevitably fail.

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Scooped by Mae Combridge!

Sexism dovetails with hypocrisy

Sexism dovetails with hypocrisy | Integrated Marketing Communications |
Talk to your daughter before a disingenuous company such as Unilever does.
Mae Combridge's insight:
I found this out a few years abck and was so let down that Dove and Lynx were made by the same company! Talk about double standards. Get your message straight!
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Rescooped by Mae Combridge from Public Relations & Social Media Insight!

Here Are More Advertising Taglines. Do You Know the Brands? | AdWeek

Here Are More Advertising Taglines. Do You Know the Brands? | AdWeek | Integrated Marketing Communications |
You've logged countless hours on the Internet, in front of a television or just participating in society—absorbing ad messages wherever you go. Branding is everywhere, whether you like it or not. We descended upon the signage capital of the world, New York's Times Square, to test passersby on their knowledge of some of the more famous taglines in American culture. 

Take a look above, and see how they fared. And see how you'd do. Pop quiz, hot shot!...

Via Jeff Domansky
Mae Combridge's insight:

I find this really interesting! Personally I don't really pay attention to advertisements but I do seem to remember the songs instead.


Jeff Domansky's curator insight, August 12, 2014 10:49 PM

Fun test of your marketing smarts.

Rescooped by Mae Combridge from Public Relations & Social Media Insight!

Ten Examples of Subliminal Advertising in Social Media

Ten Examples of Subliminal Advertising in Social Media | Integrated Marketing Communications |

Subliminal advertising is slowly creeping its way into social media.In 1957, market researcher named James Vicary inserted the words “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” into a movie. The words flashed on a single frame, long enough for the subconscious to absorb it, but too short for the audience to consciously acknowledge it. The subliminal ads supposedly created an 18.1% increase in Coke sales and a 57.8% increase in popcorn sales, notes Business Insider.


While this all sounds convincing, Vicary eventually admitted that he fabricated his findings as a marketing stunt, and many experts debate whether using subliminal advertising really works, or if the idea is just another example of pop psychology. Still, some companies now attempt to use their own version of subliminal advertising on social media websites....

Via Jeff Domansky
Mae Combridge's insight:

I think though, once you're aware it's there it becomes even worse. for example I realised Beats head phones are in almost every single music video, film and tv show alongside samsung phones, iphones and apple products. 

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, March 27, 2014 9:28 AM

The question? Is subliminal advertising seductive, silly or successful?

Rescooped by Mae Combridge from Strategy and Competitive Intelligence by Bonnie Hohhof!

5 Visions For The Consumer Products Of 2030

5 Visions For The Consumer Products Of 2030 | Integrated Marketing Communications |

Consumer trends change quickly, but what's happening in the world today can provide signals for what's to come down the line. A report from U.K. nonprofit Forum for the Future imagines the kinds of consumer products we may be craving in 2030, based on today's global events.In order to come up with its imaginary products, the Forum teamed up with consumer insight firm to examine what's changing in the world that could trigger new consumer trends. 

Via Bonnie Hohhof
Mae Combridge's insight:

This is pretty interesting. Some of it is pretty realistic I'd say especially considering the ageing population is going to be a huge demographic factor in changing industries globally.

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Rescooped by Mae Combridge from The MarTech Digest!

[MUST READ] Twitter Advertising: Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card

[MUST READ] Twitter Advertising: Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card | Integrated Marketing Communications |



Today there’s a new addition to our suite of Twitter Cards, one which helps brands drive highly qualified leads: the Lead Generation Card.


Twitter Cards let you bring rich experiences and useful tools to users within an expanded Tweet. The Lead Generation Card makes it easy for users to express interest in what your brand offers. Users can easily and securely share their email address with a business without leaving Twitter or having to fill out a cumbersome form.


When someone expands your Tweet, they see a description of the offer and a call to action. Their name, @username, and email address are already pre-filled within the Card. The user simply clicks a button to send this information directly (and securely) to you.


Today, the Lead Generation Card will only be available to our managed clients; we have plans to launch this Card globally and to small- and medium-sized businesses soon. 


Via marketingIO
Mae Combridge's insight:

My only query or issue would be the easy access to your personal information. I find it kind of scary how easy it is to access!

marketingIO's curator insight, May 23, 2013 7:55 AM

A B2B game-changer, and something you absolutely want to explore! New from Twitter, and coming soon to Twitter advertisers. This may possibly catapult Twitter advertising to the front of the B2B social media advertising to do list.

UPDATE: We cannot help to think that this will be followed by other social media channels, especially LI and FB. And then carry that one step further: how long before the "cards" are dumped right into your MAP? This move has significant potential! And turn your inbound marketing upside down!

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Erica Huynh's curator insight, August 26, 2014 7:56 PM

Twitter Advertising

Jeanine Askew's curator insight, November 5, 2014 2:00 PM

Key Takeaway: Twitter Lead Generation cards for companies can be an effect way to track consumers interest and connect them directly to your business offering.


Honestly I don't quite get the concept of having a Lead Generation card versus a normal tweet. From my understanding the difference is the tweet will include a link to a company website. I would love to know how effect Lead Generation cards have been for the companies who have tried it.