Personal Values, Loyalty Program Values Linked to Member Engagement | | Integrated Brand Communications |

Loyalty program members want to receive relevant communications while the connection between personal and program values heightens member engagement, according to the 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report released today at The Soho House in Manhattan.


Maritz Loyalty investigated the link between personal value systems (the internal compass that guides human behavior, decisions, and perceptions) and loyalty program member engagement (satisfaction, the propensity to recommend and to re-purchase). Research contained in the report revealed a tight link between member satisfaction and the extent to which a member’s values are aligned with a program’s values – and that only 40% of program members believe their values are aligned with the values of the programs in which they participate.


Scott Robinson, Senior Director, Loyalty Consulting & Solutions, for Maritz Loyalty Marketing, told Loyalty 360 that the link between personal value systems and loyalty program member engagement is a potential growth area for marketers and opens up a “whole new level” of program marketing.


“The more closely aligned the program’s values are to a member’s values, the higher the member’s satisfaction with the program,” Robinson said.


Robinson said marketers need to identify and understand the extent to which the values profile of their specific brand audience and member base differs from that of the general population. Those differences hold meaningful clues as to the program elements that may be under- or over-represented, and guide program designers toward more engaging programs for their members.