Are Your Content Channels Working Together? 8 Steps To Find Out | Integrated Brand Communications |

Look at any brand today and you’ll probably see a steady output of digital content, from videos to websites to microsites to social media campaigns. At this point in the digital age, most companies have gotten the message: content is king and digital, social and mobile are the most popular parts of its kingdom.


Yet many brands feel so pressured to generate digital material that they fail to step back and assess the overall impact. While assets should ideally work together to promote one consistent brand presence, they often end up disconnected in both messaging and brand feel. The result is diluted brand potency.


Even marketers who consider themselves on top of their digital game can fall prey to this. Having a team of experienced writers, designers and strategists is great, but the fast-paced world of digital content creation means it’s easy to miss flaws like duplicate content or inconsistent terminology. The best way to ensure your brand’s content and messaging are on point: a content audit.


As processes go, this kind of audit might not feel as exciting as unleashing a hot new campaign — but it’s an integral process that will keep your digital presence fresh, dynamic and on message.

Whether you’re embarking on your first content audit or your hundredth, here are eight items that should be on every auditor’s checklist.