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For any of you that have been charged with choosing a social media software for your company or agency, you know it’s not an easy or—I’ll be honest—pleasant task. It’s not one of those decisions where you can just close your eyes and ‘Pin the Tail on the Software’ per say. It requires hours and hours of arduous research, software demos and slick salespeople assuring you that there is nothing that their shiny software can’t do.


This admission, I promise, was not to scare you off. On the contrary, I want you to be prepared! Having worked with a social media software before and, contrarily, having to have had to manually perform what a piece of software can do in a fraction of the time, it’s worth it. The efficiencies and intel derived from a social media software will, no doubt, outweigh its often steep price tag.


But before you begin the search, I wanted to pass along several things to think about before you start scheduling demos. I hope this will save you time (and sanity) when you have to buckle down: