Branded for life? Branded games as a service | Integrated Brand Communications |

Over the last few years, games have increasingly moved from being products with a shelf-life to something more akin to services; with players as subscribers and game studios as service providers.

Given the opportunity for long term fans, should branded games do the same?

Historically branded games are launched, promoted and, whether they're successful or not, the brand moves on to the next thing.


A lot of non-branded games used to follow a similar approach, but things have changed. In the past a successful game would probably be followed by a sequel, but with online updates, games can evolve and their success can live on endlessly.


Some games took to a service orientated approach by accident. Angry Birds wasn't designed to have more and more levels poured into it for free, you only pay once for it.


If they had known it was going to be such a hit there would have been a better monetisation model from the start, but its popularity means it pays to have it as the poster boy and continually update it while money is made from spin-offs and sequels.