Leverage the selfie to create deeper brand engagements - Mobile Marketer - Strategy | Integrated Brand Communications | Scoop.it

As the selfie becomes more popular, marketers should move quickly to tap into the trend as a way to drive consumer engagement before the quickly-evolving mobile space moves onto the next fad. 


The selfie, or a photograph taken of one’s self with a smartphone camera, has become a popular trend on social media, with consumers posting and sharing images of themselves in creative and fun ways. Marketers can take advantage of this trend by launching campaigns that integrate the selfie in social sharing.


“The selfie and other forms of user-generated content can be key elements to extend a campaign,” said Tom Edwards, vice president of digital strategy at The Marketing Arm, Dallas. “Whether it's a form of submission for a promotion or recognizing a fan of the brand, tapping into a natural behavior and aligning it with the persona of the brand creates deeper engagement opportunities.”