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When it comes to content marketing, should your business be creating and sharing more? Can you map  content to sales results? Does your customer “bait” stand out from your  competitors’?


In a recent webinar, Ian Michiels, principal and managing director at Gleanster  Research, dissected and discussed the value of inbound marketing and its  synergy with sales. Michiels identified productive content strategies you can  employ, and introduced ways to measure and justify the investments. You can  watch the full webinar here: The Revenue Connection: Linking Content Marketing to Sales  Results.


Reduce the noise

It’s important to create content for your company without becoming a part of  the noise. The volume of content is overwhelming. Every minute:

684,487 pieces of content are shared on Facebook100,000 tweets are sent via TwitterWordPress users publish 347 new blogs571 new websites are created204,166,667 email messages are sent

Make sure your content is compelling enough to break through the noise. One  effective strategy is to become a part of the solution for a targeted subset of  individuals.