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Box of Twinkies (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Those who know me well know that in addition to being severely over-caffeinated, I also possess one of the world's best sweet tooths.


This was a big deal, right?

I mean we’re talking about an iconic brand here.

Well since their return to shelves a little over a month ago, their return to glory has been going well so far as documented by my Forbes colleague Michael Stone in his recent article In A Cronut-Obsessed World, Twinkies Make An Impressive Comeback.


“Lucky for Twinkies, Americans’ obsession with hybrid-baked goods may have helped fuel what is shaping out to be an impressive product comeback,” writes Stone.


Yes, he very well may have been referring to yours truly specifically with his “Americans’ obsession with hybrid-baked goods” line.


He astutely adds, however, that “For a brand that has been around since 1930, nostalgia can be a very powerful marketing tool” and makes reference to the “subtle, yet fairly drastic, changes to its product and marketing strategy.”


It is under that guise – the changes to their marketing strategy and its use of nostalgia, that I reached out to Erich Joachimsthaler, a former Harvard professor, author of over 40 articles & two books on brand strategy and the CEO of Vivaldi Partners Group, a global strategy consulting firm.