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It’s been all about the infographics this past week, and we’ve been pleased to see so many great ones about social media knocking about.


Today, we have this social media monitoring one from business consulting and technology service provider Infosys. The infographic, based on data from a number of surveys, asks ‘Are you monitoring what matters?’ (well, are you?) and has some interesting stats about marketers’ feelings towards social media and monitoring.


It found that there is a shift towards in-depth social media monitoring, with 60% of businesses saying they intended to increase their monitoring efforts significantly within the next year or two (good news for us then eh!)


However, there’s still 47% of business that aren’t monitoring online communities (naughty them).


Surprisingly though, only 24% of business that are monitoring already aren’t measuring the ROI of social media campaigns and 38% only measure ‘Likes’, comments and interactions on Facebook. This rather backs up findings from another infographic we wrote about last week; seems ROI is still a sticking point for many.


Why do marketers like social media? Well, 85% said it helped their business engage in dialogue with potential or current customers. 58% thought that increased sales and partnerships was a benefit, and 41% cited reduced costs of traditional customer satisfaction processes.


Results from a survey of 700 marketers also showed that marketers believe Facebook fans are valuable to a business because they:

help with customer recruitmenthave higher conversion ratespurchase products or services more frequently

And here’s all that lovely information in visual form, in case you’d rather not listen to (read) us twittering on: