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The Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators released their 2013 report earlier this year. There are some key findings within the report in both digital marketing strategies as well as changes in how companies are utilizing digital marketing agencies.

Key FindingsOver half of all respondents said they are increasing their digital marketing budgets, with much of the shift from a reallocation of existing budget into digital. Only 16% are increasing their overall marketing spend.Full service agencies are benefitting as companies have been reluctant to expand headcount, especially as agencies become more sophisticated in their ability to analyze data and support senior-level, strategic marketers within the organization.Agile Marketing is quickly evolving as a new framework for marketers to practice in order to increase responsiveness to changing market needs. Be sure to read our client and my good friend, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff’s series on Agile Marketing.Data-driven marketing, content strategies and integration will continue to improve marketing results and drive more revenue to organizations as marketing experiences are aligned across channels and personalized to the individual prospect or customer.

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