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5 Brand Strategies to Uniquely Position Your Ecommerce Business Above the Competition – Shopify

5 Brand Strategies to Uniquely Position Your Ecommerce Business Above the Competition – Shopify | Integrated Brand Communications |

You need something to help a runny nose, so you ask someone to pass you the Kleenex.  Why? Because of an extremely effective brand strategy.

And yes, that’s actually the brand name and not the name of the product they sell.

With brand loyalty on the decline for the third straight year, building a strong customer base is more important than ever before.

The Internet has turned people into savvy online shoppers, and the power has shifted from business to consumer.  Often, shoppers bypass the idea of brand loyalty if the product is available at a lower price somewhere else.

So how can you combat that?

In this post, we’ll take a look at ways to build a powerful brand strategy for your ecommerce store. We’ll go over actionable ideas you can implement straight away, and take a look at some phenomenal examples.

Let's get into it.




Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s insight:

Definitely a "must read" for brand managers looking for positioning guidelines. The author presents 5 components of a successful online brand positioning strategy.

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Scooped by Russ Merz, Ph.D.!

Five ways ecommerce sites can boost profits

Five ways ecommerce sites can boost profits | Integrated Brand Communications |

Profit margins determine whether businesses sink or swim and this is especially true in the hypercompetitive ecommerce industry.

So what can retailers do to improve profit margins?

There are a myriad of barriers that online retailers face and it can be difficult to respond adequately to them all.


The top five price related issues that they must address are: increased price competition, consumer price sensitivity, the need to protect the brand’s price image, increased price transparency, and improving return on inventory investment.


It may seem like a daunting task to address all of these issues, but a solid pricing strategy can do just that.

Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s insight:

A good #pricing strategy primer focusing on 5 factors that affect the profit margins of #online #retail brands.

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The dark side of ecommerce

The dark side of ecommerce | Integrated Brand Communications |

The explosive growth of transactional and online shopper data means consumers are swamped with information. In just one internet minute, there are now 2m Google search queries, £83,000 in sales on, 100,000 new Tweets and 6m Facebook views.


The retail industry is no exception. Whilst in-store product ranges are limited by the physical constraints of shelf-space, online retailers can display ten times the amount of products on their sites.


This leaves consumers with overwhelming choice. Yet research shows that most products are going un-noticed. As highlighted in a study undertaken by RichRelevance, only 44% of products online are getting attention; leaving 56% bypassed.


Furthermore, just 10% of products on an online retail site garner 75% of page views.


Bringing this back to the in-store metric, this is leaving over half of the shopping aisles in the dark.

Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s insight:

The paradox of choice and the problem of "clutter". The challenge is breaking through and getting attention. 

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10 ways to increase customer engagement in ecommerce

10 ways to increase customer engagement in ecommerce | Integrated Brand Communications |

High street stores are getting their mojo back, so what can ecommerce do to engage the consumer?


Here are just 10 features that help to keep customers engaged on ecommerce websites. If you've seen any innovative new features from ecommerce companies, please let us know below.

Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s insight:

This article compiles 10 ways that brands can build customer engagement with their #ecommerce activities. Good reference value.

Jmt Lê's curator insight, September 24, 2014 6:07 PM

In other words, it paves the way for increasing the effectiveness of marketing communication tools such as website, social media, dragging customers into brands and focusing on what customers need.

Scooped by Russ Merz, Ph.D.!

Six common conversion killers from ecommerce sites

Six common conversion killers from ecommerce sites | Integrated Brand Communications |

The wrong strategic approach can be costly for ecommerce sites, but many still make some fairly basic errors. 

Try to avoid these six common errorss in your ecommerce site to avoid deterring customers and generate more conversions.

As marketers, this is the little world we live in. We live and work on marketing all day long and it hurts to see such sin anywhere on the virtual web. A banner that looks lonesome would make us wonder if the poor thing gets any attention at all.


A shabby looking ecommerce site repels customers but invokes our sympathy. A non-responsive Twitter account or a Facebook page that belongs to an etailer doesn’t bruise our ego, it just infuriates us.

In the world of comments feeding off on comments to form conversations, brands making a beeline at social media, and ecommerce sites working on the double to go quick and responsive, there are still plenty of adamant ecommerce stores that don’t function as they should.

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Beginning of End For Big Box Retailers? Kimberly-Clark Tests Ecom

Beginning of End For Big Box Retailers? Kimberly-Clark Tests Ecom | Integrated Brand Communications |
Kimberly-Clark tests ecommerce options Warc "We're seeing significant growth in the online channel through our retail partners," Adrian Percival, senior manager of ecommerce at Kimberly-Clark UK, told Marketing Week, "and we're determined to win in...

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, March 6, 2013 12:05 AM

Wow, apparently big brands are takign the "publisher' thing seriously and are adding ecommerce and a direct buy component in Europe. Should P&G and a few other major consumer products goods retailers follow it will take a big chunk out of the Walmart-itization of the world.