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In 2012, an estimated 9.6 trillion text messages were sent out. What were all  those texts about?


Fortunately, you don't to have to read over someone's shoulder to find out. Leads360 did the research,  created the Text Messaging for Better Sales Conversion report,  then put its findings in the following infographic.


The dating world accounts for a huge amount of texts. Texting is becoming the  digital version of passing notes in class. A total of 67% of texters have sent a  love note via text message, and 68% have used text messaging to flirt.

With all the love texting around, marketers also are incorporating texting  more into their campaigns. A total of 36% of marketers use texting in their  campaigns; 26% plan to use texting in their marketing campaigns in the next 12  months.


So why is texting growing in popularity with marketers? The short answer: The  response rate is huge. Marketing texts have a 98% open rate, and a 45% response  rate. And the conversion rate for leads who were sent three or more text  messages after the initial contact is 328%. (Yes, you read that correctly.)


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