Infographic: Mobile, shipping options and flexible returns drive brand loyalty
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A survey into online shopping preferences in Asia Pacific has revealed that brand loyalty can be driven by choice, convenience and flexible returns policies.


Internet measurement company ComScore and logistics firm UPS have released the ‘UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper: A Customer Experience Study’ for Asia and Australia which investigated consumer insights into mobile technologies and elements of the online shopping experience that drive brand preference.


With 650 million internet users, Asia has the world’s largest online population. Demographically, more than half of Asia’s internet population is younger than 35 years old. According to recent studies, these consumers are driving ecommerce growth in the Asia Pacific region and outpacing the rest of the world.


However, overall satisfaction in Asia with respect to online shopping ranks the lowest globally. Only half of Asian shoppers are satisfied, compared to 83% in the US and 78% in Europe. Shoppers have particularly low satisfaction around the ability to choose delivery dates and times, to collect purchased goods at a convenient retail location, and exchange or returns policies.