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people's architecture office: pao pido office in beijing

people's architecture office: pao pido office in beijing | Inspired By Design |
chinese practice people's architecture office and people's industrial design office have completed their new studio which occupies the northeast corner of a courtyard house in beijing, next to the forbidden city. the north office features an eight millimeter steel frame shelving structure hovering over the entire length of the space, supported at the window and at the opposing wall. the space frame system holds two rows of L-shaped shelves which simply slide into place. the 1.4 by 4.5 meter table underneath is supported by a similar thin-rod truss with only four legs and give a light spacious work area.

the west office contains a diamond-shaped bookshelf system, also using slender metal bars with folded plates placed into the wire frame. the construct follows the contours of the outer partitions and roof to cover the entire wall. a tetris table compliments the storage installation with individual and unique components that can be separated to make individual surface or combined into one long conference table.

a narrow courtyard connects the offices to the kitchen, clad with a brick veneer to save space. a simple one-centimeter wide steel
groove is placed every ten rows of masonry to allow vegetation to latch on and eventually cover the entire facade. 
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