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Cannot recommend this post I just happened to come across, enough! Roger King, President of PN Agency, Canada is 1000% right...

Why so many voice actors fail to lead off their demos with their best stuff is a mystery for the ages. A producer who has never heard you before doesn't give a crap about your range. He/she wants to hear your most competitive stuff; your signature voice----what it is you do as well as or better than anyone else in your market---right up front. Give them that.

Roger King, PNA/Voiceover Canada:"...A talent I used to represent started her demo with a commercial that had a dramatic music build. The problem: Her voice didn’t come in until the 10 second mark! “It’s something different for me.” But a producer who has never worked with her before doesn’t know that and doesn’t care...Lead with the read that gets you work most often. Why would you turn your demo into a vanity project? Any why on earth would you chance it that the person hiring voices is going to stick around for 10 seconds - a lifetime in the voice over world - to finally get the first taste of your voice?