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"Hello, Sydney..." C'mon, admit it. Those words still send a little chill down your spine, don't they?

Well, our deeply talented, versatile friend and colleague, Roger L. Jackson, is back...and soon to be scaring the bejeezus out of all of us again in "Scream IV"...

Here's the behind-the-scenes interview featuring Neve Campbell, Wes Craven and Roger himself (in silhouette, naturally), discussing how director Craven kept Roger hidden away from the rest of the cast to keep them unnerved and off-balance when they received mysterious phone calls from "The Voice."

A little additional background not mentioned in the video...Roger was originally cast just to be a "stand-in voice" on set during the shooting of the first Scream movie in Northern California. Wes Craven fully intended to dub someone else voice in later, but Roger's work was so good that he had Drew Barrymore genuinely terrified during their phone exchange, so Wes decided to keep him. The rest, as they say, is cinema history...

We'd also like to thank a couple other friends of InsideVoiceover, voice actors, Chuck Wedge and Kathy Goodin, for calling this video to our attention.

Inside Story/Scream - Phone Call From Hell: "Roger L. Jackson talks about playing the voice of “Ghostface” and making scary phone calls."