Nickelodeon commits to 450 new cartoon episodes. Will this translate into animation voiceover jobs for more voice actors? |New York Daily News | Inside Voiceover—Cutting-edge Insights + Enlightening, Entertaining News for Voiceover Professionals |
Nickelodeon brings back "Saturday morning cartoons" in a big way. Their recently announced jam-packed animation production schedule should translate into lots more opportunities for animation voice actors, too. Contrary to conventional wisdom, most animation directors are open to working with new talent, as long as it's really, really, really good new talent...In other words, why should they take a chance on you when they can hire a proven, reliable talent? You've got to give them a reason to hire you by cutting through with an audition that's strong, compelling and original enough to grab their attention.

NY Daily News: "Nickelodeon will roll out nearly 200 episodes of new animated programming on Saturday mornings in 2012, as part of a larger, three-year commitment to the genre. By the time the three years is up, Nickelodeon will have aired an unprecedented 450 episodes of new animation.
'The stuff that lasts the longest and probably appeals to the broadest audience, really still is animation and always was," says Cyma Zarghami, president of Nickelodeon and the MTVN Kids and Family Group. "Even things like 'Seinfeld' come and go and 'SpongeBob' hangs around.'..."