Voiceover Agent's perspective on the Voice Acting Business: Podcast with agent from LA Voice Talent Agency, AVO | The Work: Ep. 14 | Inside Voiceover—Cutting-edge Insights + Enlightening, Entertaining News for Voiceover Professionals | Scoop.it
Casting director Bonnie Gillespie and crew interview voiceover agent Jermaine Johnson from AVO Voice Talent in LA. Good info and advice for both professional actors looking to break into voiceover; and professional voice talent looking for LA representation. Valuable insights that could save you time, money and aggravation. BTW He also confirms what most of us have already figured out...Demos on CD's are dead.

Please note that interview with Jermaine starts @7:15. Also make sure to listen, until the very end, b/c additional valuable tips are shared after the "end" of Jermaine's interview.

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: This podcast is geared to actors who are living and auditioning in LA, so the basic assumption is that their listeners are trained actors and have some professional acting auditioning experience. If you have no prior acting training or experience, you'll need to look for and get high quality on-camera acting and voiceover training first, before you can even think about approaching an LA agency. Otherwise, don't waste their time and yours.